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Up for trade (preferably) or sale, I have a series of items which do not get much use for me, for reasons I will explain with each item, so you know 100% what you are getting. All prices include shipping CONUS, and for the time being I would like to keep it to CONUS folks, as I generally feel awful when there are delays for customs checks.

I am looking for a few things, preference goes to those with the trades, send a pm and we can work out if cash needs to go one direction or another:

-DR Harris Windsor soap TRADED
-Mike's Naturals, B & M, MW soaps scented(contact me with what you are looking to swap away)
-Thater 3-band TRADED
-Rooney 3-band
-Any gel-tipped 2-band, or super soft 3-band!

Thanks, and PM me with any questions.

[Image: U4AofFp.jpg]
[Image: zx09yCy.jpg]
Left to Right:

Vie-Long 12705 24x57 SOLD
Great brush all around, but I gravitate towards a little bit of flop in my brushes, so this never gets used. Some faint cracks in the handle, which do not effect the stability or performance.

Vie-Long 12705b 24x56 SOLD
Again, great brush, but I just don't pick it up much anymore. Less stiff than the 12705, absolute lather monster. Still loses a hair or two every few shaves.

WSP Boar 21x55 $8
I have tried a lot of boar, but my skin has a tough time with it, so this is one of the boars which might be appreciated more by somebody else. Has about 30 wet/dry cycles, and although it has the higher 55mm loft, it actually is a bit scrubbier than other boars I have tried.

IB Semogue LE 22x55 $10
I really, really wanted to like this one, but like other boars, it just tended to be a bit too scratchy for me. Brush has 2 cosmetic issues: a small crack forming at the base, which I could not capture with the camera, as well as a weird clumping of the hairs while wet. I contacted Joe about the clumping, and he assured me that this was totally normal for a hand-tied knot, and it does not effect performance. Photo of clumping below:
[Image: wuPwGd1.jpg]

[Image: wcLdZPz.jpg]
[Image: Tkqp4de.jpg]
[Image: At2q2qT.jpg]

Left to Right:

hjm BlackFibre 21x55 SOLD
Generation 1 BlackFibre, it is extremely soft, builds lather like you wouldn't believe. I found I am not a fan of the splay of synthetics in general, so I don't use it at all anymore.

Vintage Blades Finest 2-band 22x52 TRADED
Soft, squishy (but not gel-like) tips with a firm backbone, this is a pretty ideal brush for a budget face-lathering brush. I used it perhaps 3 times total, but just never caught on with the handle with my spindly hands.

Simpsons p8 (TSN LE 12/200) 24x50 TRADED
Fantastic brush in every regard, except one: apparently my skin does not get along with Best badger. Angry I used it twice for shaving, and my ingrowns flared up badly on both occasions. I tried doing about 10 palm lathers in between in the hopes it would get along with my skin, but no such luck! I hate to give up a beautiful brush like this, but it really is only going to sit on the shelf at this point!

[Image: NBrBujR.jpg]

6 Coates Creams Lot $15
I have moved away from creams slowly but surely, and purchased these some time ago after hearing they were pretty good. Performance is lovely, but again, I don't reach for it, used each tube 1-3x, so perhaps in total 90% left.


Allegheny Instrument Corp 6/8 SOLD

Beautiful razor I picked up on eBay some time ago with the intent of restoring and passing it along. Was so nice and shaved so well I kept it for about 6 months, but now with a Max Sprecher custom, a Hart, a 1815 Wosty, a W&B wedge, a Rodgers, a... You get the idea. Shaves incredibly well, has some mild discoloration and (like 3 spots) pitting which I tried to show in the photos. Shave ready, will refresh on my Gokumyo 20k before shipping.

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 12-31-2013, 12:23 PM
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I would like the TOBS Jermyn St Soap in a GFT cream bowl for $10.


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 01-04-2014, 09:04 PM
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Updated with new prices, better images for SR. Let me know of any and all trades!

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Updated to reflect current availability!

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