01-02-2014, 10:53 AM
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[Image: DSC_0931.JPG?m=1388687170]

Another wonderful razor available at RazorBladesandMore , which have joined me last week and provided great shaves , as well as being beauty of a razor.

If the Matador "El Caballero" have been a great little , heavy razor , this one has a longer handle , made of wood (Rose Wood ? ) and the closed comb head resembles the ones used by Muhle and Edwin Jagger.

[Image: DSC_0932.JPG?m=1388687170]

This razor is balanced perfectly , I will say , even when its lighter than the Matador "Caballero" , but with the longer handle , you can "feel" the weight just at the closed comb head.

Also , due to its longer handle , its easier to hold , specially for the gentlemen with larger hands.

[Image: DSC_0933.JPG?m=1388687170]

Ad I previously commented , this razor is lighter than the "El Gordo" o "El Caballero" razors , with a weight of 75 g (around 2.6 oz) :

[Image: DSC_0935.JPG?m=1388687186]

Also its head design is different than the Matador "El Caballero" : this closed comb head is like the ones used by Muhle/Edwin Jagger in their razors , while the one used in the "El Caballero" resembles the Merkur 3 piece safety razor closed comb head (used in the Merkur 33C )

Matador "Sofisticado" on the right , "El caballero" on the left :

[Image: DSC_0939.JPG?m=1388687415]

This razor is not only stylish and very elegant , but shaves also very well , like an Edwin Jagger or Muhle , but with a considerable lower price.

[Image: DSC_0937.JPG?m=1388687186]

[Image: DSC_0936.JPG?m=1388687186]

I can honestly say that I don't find any different in how this razor shaves compared with an Edwin Jagger or Muhle.The shaves are very smooth , efficient , and perfect not only for a beginner , but for the one who is looking for a comfortable shaver.If we add that the razor is a looker , and cost 21 , 99 dollars , we have another serious one to consider to add to our shave nook.

To be honest , I think that Muhle and Edwin Jagger has a very serious competition with these Matador razors. I'm very glad I have those two , and I know they're not going to be the last ones : two more will be joining my den very soon.

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 01-02-2014, 12:45 PM
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That is a very gorgeous looking razor! Thank you for sharing the photos with us, Teiste.

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 01-02-2014, 12:50 PM
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Great review T.

What's the finish like on the all metal razor?

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 01-03-2014, 07:28 PM
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Nice review & pictures Teiste.

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 01-05-2014, 07:14 AM
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Beautiful razor Teiste and as usual great pictures. If only the razor was a little more aggressive I buy one in a heart beat.

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