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The moving sale continues. Up for grabs are some real gems from my den. These are all beautiful razors but just do not get used by me for one reason or another. All prices include CONUS shipping and tracking. Buy more than one item and I will take some money off the total due to reduced shipping costs.

Reductions on the four remaining razors.

Elite Razor (Bob Quinn) Merkur 38c in Chilean Blue Lapis stone. Wonderful balance on this. Razor is in pristine condition, just as received from Bob. New $84 plus shipping, yours for $50. (Showing all sides of the handle).
Reduced $45

[Image: dqhlYs8.jpg]
[Image: CTpFb44.jpg]
[Image: qjGh8UI.jpg]
[Image: FdvhNxv.jpg]
[Image: XwSbCB0.jpg]

Elite Razor Faux Horn handle (long) - $20 SOLD
Elite Razor Brown Bakelite handle (long) - $20 SOLD
Like New Mühle R89 in Rose Gold - $45 Reduced $40

[Image: dvUggsV.jpg]

Elite Razor (Bob Quinn) Merkur 12c Open Comb in Malachite. Wonderful balance on this razor as well. Please note, the Merkur 12c is no longer in production. Razor is incredible in person, just as received from Bob. New $84 plus shipping, yours for $50. (Showing all sides of the handle). Reduced $45

[Image: xC0joLK.jpg]
[Image: OAVOlJV.jpg]
[Image: AO0vPzT.jpg]
[Image: d8ACAdk.jpg]
[Image: vTkfUOQ.jpg]

GEM OCMM and Push Type
Includes what appears to be 8 new blades in my GEM pack. The OCMM is user grade and the gold push type is in good condition given its age. $27.50 Reduced $22.50

[Image: JKYqoCG.jpg]

Gillette NEW Long Comp, Rhodium plated SOLD
Bought this from Razor Emporium. It is a beautiful razor, so much so that I cannot bring myself to actually shave with it. Paid $100 including shipping, yours for a painful to me $70. Includes original receipt.

iKon S3S - $115 SOLD
I bought the head for over $100 not too long ago. I have paired it with a Weber Wave handle. Getting hard to find the S3S.

1969 Gilette Black Beauty SS SOLD
(date code O2) decent shape, numbers legible although some more so than others- $35

UFO Tornado XL in brass paired with a gold FaTip. SOLD
Beautiful combination, sold as a pair. Includes original UFO box and cert of authenticity, FaTip box and FaTip handle. This is a beast of a handle and is simply stunning, pictures cannot do it justice. $85

Mergress Long Handle SOLD
I bought this through our forums not long ago for $115, I was reminded again I do not care for the progress so up for sale it goes. $105 shipped.

Elite Razor (Bob Quinn) Merkur 39c Sledgehammer Slant in Bloody Basin Jasper stone. Wonderful balance on this, very efficient slant. Razor is striking in person, just as received from Bob. New $84 plus shipping, yours for $50. (Showing all sides of the handle). SOLD

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Bump with Price Reductions.

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