01-06-2014, 10:39 AM
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For sale here is a Semogue "Il Rasoio" Italian Forum LE Mixed Boar / Badger brush (#55/100).

Please note that 2 things.

1. This is a LE brush from the Italian Forum, that has had favorable reviews.

2. It shed a decent amount the first few shaves, and has continued to lose a few hairs per shave (used about 10 times). I was encourage that it let up, and I don't notice the loss when using.

I believe that it should be stabilizing with the worst case scenario being that you have a killer handle to put a new knot in. I believe that the price reflects this risk.

$35.00 shipped CONUS SOLD

[Image: 2nLxNXI.jpg]

[Image: sAQDLPQ.jpg]

[Image: GNo6c3d.jpg]

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