01-07-2014, 05:27 PM
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H. Boker 5/8. "Pearl" is etched into blade. Not shave ready, some slack as it pivots. Gorgeous Mother of Pearl on tang. Slight rust on shave edge one side. Spot on same side of blade, plastic scales. Yours for $50.00.

[Image: 7Va1rM2l.jpg]

[Image: pf0YCHql.jpg]

[Image: SnD3rzTl.jpg]

Wostenholm 13/16 Frame back stubby. Blade only, no scales. "XL Improved Swiss Manufactured Solely by George Wostenholm & Son." (Some of the inscription is unintelligible due to rust - this is what I was able to decipher.) Blade edge is strikingly great condition. A terrific piece of history just ripe for a new life with a restore and new scales. Almost certainly dates prior to 1860 with a stubby tail like that. Yours for $36.00.

[Image: ERNXOeml.jpg]

[Image: 7BirjV5l.jpg]

Omega 63162 Pure. Used twice. New they run $33.00 plus shipping. This one is yours for $17.00 and I pay the shipping.

[Image: EJXyvq4l.jpg]

Brush handles to be reknotted. Left to right: "Century" "Made Rite" "Fuller" Buy all three for $14.00. SOLD!

[Image: DdYXeU0l.jpg]

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 01-08-2014, 07:07 AM
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Omega is SOLD

Brush handles are SOLD

Boker Pearl is available, was $50.00 now only $40.00.

Wosty has been withdrawn.

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