01-07-2014, 10:00 PM
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Ok, I know these are both Frankenrazors (or as far as I can tell they are). I know the one on the left is a ball end "Contract Tech" from 1945 according to Mr. Razor's website, but has a gold head instead of the black head that it's supposed to have. Right? Smile The one on the right obviously has the wrong head as it is a 1918 (G serial #) from an Old Type razor, but the handle is what I'm not sure of... The metal looks like the type of metal that things were made of during WWII because the better metals were being used for the war effort... so is the handle also a "Contract Tech" handle or does anyone know for sure? Any help from our resident experts would be appreciated. Thanks!

[Image: y596RA1.jpg]

[Image: jYCY4vU.jpg]

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