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Hi everyone -

After the holidays, here are some items I have not been using. I take Paypal and all prices include free CONUS shipping. I will ship all items (or combination thereof) $25 and over via USPS Priority Mail with tracking. All other items will be sent via USPS First Class Mail (if you want tracking, it will be a little extra). I am open to shipping out of the US, so if you are an international buyer, we can negotiate (I usually either include shipping free or at least split it).

(1) Wolf Whiskers Eagle 3 clone in Butterscotch with 24mm TGN Finest Fan knot. Dimensions are around 24mm/50mm. Peter Wolf is an emerging artisan on Badger and Blade who turns his own handles and fills his own handle materials. I had asked him if he could make a Simpson's Eagle 3 clone in the lovely butterscotch handle you see here. I sent him some rough dimensions, and while its not quite as bulbous as the Eagle 3, it has a really nice slenderness to it, sort of a Persian Jar/Eagle hybrid.

Of course the TGN Finest knot needs no introduction, and Peter was great in making sure it had the 24mm/50mm dimensions, although I set the knot myself (using Loctite 24 hour marine epoxy). Even if you don't buy my brush, if you are in the market for a hand-crafted brush, talked to Peter, i.e. Wolf Whiskers.

Unfortunately, I've recently obtained a glut of brushes, including the P8 and the Semogue Barbear Classico LEs, so this one has been sitting in the back shelf. From what I gather I paid $59 for this brush, including knot. Therefore I was thinking $50. SOLD! Thanks TSN.


(2) GEM lot, including Micromatic Open Comb and Featherweight, with Stainless Steel blades. Three NIB blade boxes of 10 each and one opened, with 9 left, for a total of 39 blades. A few months ago, I thought I'd become a SE-only user, and purchased both of these and ordered the blades from Amazon.


The Micromatic Open Comb is an aggressive razor, and I've been able to get a nice shave with just one pass. The Featherweight is milder but still very efficient. The Featherweight is in great shape, with just some slight surface scratches on its head. The MMOC is similar on the head, but with a few "flea bites" on its handle and is a little lazy with the TTO mechanism, but works just great.

I just prefer DE shaving so these are up for sale. These were rigorously cleaned this morning with Scrubbing Bubbles. I figure I bought the whole package for $34, so I am offering this for $30.

(3) CJB Kamisori-style straight razor with Feather Kai Mild Guard blades. There are, I think about 12 blades left in the injector. The CJB is a very inexpensive entree into the replaceable-blade straight game as the Feathers go for at least $100 and the Kai Excelia even more. The Guard blades do a really good job in letting a new user get comfortable with the whole experience without sacrificing much in terms of closeness.

I bought this package for $35 a few months ago. All Scrubbing Bubbled-up, I would like to get $25 for it. SOLD! Thanks schickter and TSN!

(4) RazoRock Christmas in Tuscany. Used once; I weighed it and it has 286 grams "left" out of the advertized 300 grams (i.e. 95% remaining). This was part of a limited run of only 100 made and I don't know if Italian Barber is ever going have it available again. It sold out in minutes. You can find out more here; it definitely smells like a holiday cake. Unfortunately, when I use it, I can't smell anything. I already have enough stuff, so I figure I should pass this along.

I apologize about its less-than-exciting (and possibly illegal-looking) presentation, but I threw away the box and it came in a pretty standard plastic wrap. It retailed for $20, so I was thinking $15. SOLD! Thanks NSmalls and TSN!

As always, feel free to comment about my prices and such in this thread. If you have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to send me a PM.

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Forgot to update: all items SOLD! Thanks everyone.

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