01-14-2014, 10:44 AM
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As often happens, I got carried away and bought too much stuff. So I am selling some top-shelf vintage shaving creams for what I paid plus actual shipping cost; I am not making any profit at all. They are new and sealed in their boxes. One cream per buyer.

First are two (2) 75ml tubes of Penhaligon's Lords shaving cream. This is one of the very best they ever made, my favorite of all time. $24.99 each plus $5 shipping. (These haven't even arrived here yet; once they do I will send them on.) SOLD
[Image: RaHxE6d.jpg][Image: JD2Lljs.jpg]

Second are two (2) 150ml tubes of Penhaligon's Castile shaving cream. Great scent. $31.99 each plus $5 shipping. SOLD
[Image: BCWRs7G.jpg][Image: 2q383H7.jpg]

And last are two 150ml glass jars of Buckingham Palace shaving cream. These were sold through the Royal shops. The scent has a citrus note, similar to Pen's BB or Quercus, and the lather is incredible. I believe this cream was made by Floris or Penhaligon. Those of you who think Coates creams are good will be amazed at how much better this is. $17.99 each plus $5 shipping. SOLD
[Image: W6YauQv.jpg][Image: JQj2lAO.jpg]

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 01-14-2014, 08:58 PM
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I changed my mind about selling almost all of these to one buyer, so I have refunded his money, and I am re-listing the creams for sale - with a limit of one cream per buyer. I have sent PMs to three other members who previously had wanted to buy, so 4 of the creams may be spoken for already. But if you are interested in one, send me a PM and I'll put your name on a 'waiting list' for the one or two that may be unsold.

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 01-14-2014, 09:39 PM
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lol...I'd like to see a Lord's Puck for sale...

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