01-17-2014, 05:29 AM
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It may seem a little vain, but as a son of a captain(military) and a nephew of a captain(fishing) I've grown up around a lot of nautical / ship / boating. I've been wanting to get into straights from DE razors, and lately I have seen a few straight razors with anchors etched in the steel, and since I know nothing of straights.. I figured I would ask around for some brands of straight's that may have the anchor etched in it. And how much the price might be for them!


Thanks in advance..


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 01-17-2014, 11:54 AM
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Wade & Butcher made a rather large Anchor straight.
They are hard to find and usually fetch a pretty penny.

Good luck in your search!

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 01-22-2014, 12:01 PM
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George Brittain, Sheffield maker, they are usually stamped GB on the tang with a large anchor

These also fetch a pretty penny

I think there are several threads on these razors over at SRP

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 01-23-2014, 09:56 AM
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I think Wester Bros made a few with an anchor. Those are plentiful and inexpensive.

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