04-29-2012, 09:42 PM
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Gents, how long does it take you to perform your typical daily shave?

It would be most helpful to briefly give the rundown and the total time; a link to SOTD would work. There is no prize for the shortest or the longest. You just get our undying admiration. Wink

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 04-29-2012, 09:56 PM
  • Johnny
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Well, I posted this on another thread but figure it would be appropriate here as well.

My morning ritual.

1. Bring scuttle and brush mug to kitchen and fill with hot water.

2. Let these set for about 15-20 minutes while I have some coffee.

3. Empty and refill both with hot water and head to the Nook.

4. Wash face with hot water using Musgo Real Glyce Lime soap.

5. Take brush and let it naturally drip for a few seconds.

6. Apply brush to given soap and swirl for about 30-45 seconds.

7. Pour hot water from mug into scuttle for dipping.

8. Build lather on face and dip brush in hot water as needed.

9. First pass WTG. Light rinse.

10. Re-lather dipping as necessary.

11. Second pass XTG. Light rinse.

12. Re-lather dipping as necessary.

13. Third pass ATG. It's now BBS.

14. Rinse face with hot water.

15. Clean the razor, dry, and put in mug.

16. Clean brush, gentle shake, then hang to dry.

17. Empty scuttle and dry.

18. Rinse face with cold water and pat dry.

19. Apply after shave of choice.

20. Police the area.

This all takes between 20-25 minutes from step 4 to 20.

Then it's off to the computer to check in on TSN.

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 04-30-2012, 05:47 AM
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I posted the following on another thread; "A new personal best": When time is limited the best I've been able to do is about 10 minutes for the shave and prep, soaking the brush and beard for several minutes, lather and shave. I don't use aftershave, just wipe the lather off with a damp wash cloth and I'm done!

Normally my total time is 20-30 minutes, which includes soaking my brush for 10-15 minutes, 2-3 passes for a DFS, and cleaning up and wiping down the razor, brush, bowl and sink counter, etc.

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 04-30-2012, 08:09 AM
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I timed my shave again this morning. The last time was many months ago and it was 13 minutes back then. Today it was 14 minutes from getting the items out of the cabinet to final clean up. That was a 2 1/3 pass BBS.

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 04-30-2012, 09:22 AM
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3 passes in 13 minutes!

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 04-30-2012, 03:31 PM
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A typical everyday DFS.

Fill the sink with slightly cool water.
Toss my brush in the sink while I grab my blade & razor.
Load blade, rinse razor head and set it down.
Wet my face, dot cream on my cheeks.
Grab brush, squeeze out water and give a little shake.
Lather up and lather free hand.
Shave WTG, use extra cream from free hand to lead the razor XTG.
Shave ATG, feel for stubs and use free hand lather for touch ups.
Rinse with slightly cool water, pat dry.
Apply AS, while AS is drying, clean up area.
Apply Proraso liquid cream AS.
While that dries finish clean up.
After that, I go start the old percolator.

About 2 minutes from start until I lather.
About 3 to 4 minutes to shave.
About 3 to 4 minutes to clean up and put things away.

Menthol cream, slightly cool water and a menthol AS is a great way to start the day. I mainly use Proraso cream, Proraso AS and the Proraso AS lotion. Combine that with my coffee and I feel chipper. lol

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 04-30-2012, 05:04 PM
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I usually shave 3 times a week (3-pass, maybe touch-up)

the Kitchen is my new favorite sink-area to shave (tried it out this past Saturday, and again today!) at due to the dual stainless-steel bowls, and *hot-water* is much faster from the tank! so I am sure that has added a few minutes of gather/put-away time of all items needed.
items moved from bedroom shave stash to kitchen:
  1. Razor for next 2 weeks: EJ DE89 head with Tradere SS handle
  2. Blade for next 2 weeks (fresh blade each Sunday): Wilkinson Classic (loaded in razor prior to move)
  3. Brush for next 2 weeks: Vulfix 660S Medium (awesome low budget brush!!!)
  4. Shave Cream for next 2 weeks: Proraso green tube (old school!)
  5. Lather bowls: a larger *cup* to hold hot water, a bowl that fits in the top of cup to meet hot water (po-man's scuttle)
  6. Towels: one large face towel, one large wash cloth
oh! and a cosmetic mirror with the side that magnifies the image Wink

because the hot-water is readily available, I can get my brush(soak) ready much faster while I wash with soap, rinse, hot-towel my face
time: 4-5 minutes

dump the water in the top bowl, and add the Proraso from the tube into it, replace the top bowl on top of the larger *cup*, (when I take out the brush from soaking, I stand it on its handle while I empty the top bowl and put the cream in the bowl)
Next, I shake the brush lightly a couple times, put it in the bowl to add the warm water in the hair with the nicely warming lather in the bowl.
time: 2 minutes

Re-wet my face with hot water from one sink basin for a about 20 seconds, generate lather in bowl while holding the bowl, replace the bowl to the top of the large cup
time: 02:30 minutes

Re-wet my face with hot water, about 10 seconds and lather up, perform a pass, rinse about 10 seconds, lather up, perform a pass, rinse about 10 seconds, last pass
time: 10-13 minutes

Clean-up is easily 5-10 minutes, make it better than what I started with! This includes last warm water, cold water rinses, rinsing all gear, drying all gear, sink basin cleaning and drying.

it looks like total time is anywhere from
23 to 27 minutes


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 04-30-2012, 06:14 PM
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My typical shave time is under ten minutes, if I'm pressed for time I can do it in five minutes or less.

My shave prep consists of showering and soaking my brush while I'm in the shower. Make lather and shave. I usually do three passes with touch ups.

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 05-25-2012, 10:29 AM
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Well I haven't broken my shave down as much as some of people on this thread. Smile

I can tell you that I generally get up about 4:15 am Yawn I soak my brush while I go to the kitchen and take my morning vitamins and weigh myself using my sons Wii-fit. I start building lather at about 4:30 and finish (including clean-up and brushing me teeth) at about 5:10 am. Then I leave for work, I work-out at the gym onsite, then shower and get to me desk about 7:30 am. So my shave time is about 30min plus 10min to brush me teeth and police the sink. Thumbsup

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 05-25-2012, 10:41 AM
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Mine is generally 15-20 depending on how on the ball I am.

Post Shower
Dry goatee and hair
Turn on hot water to fill sink
Apply PREP or Skin Food as pre-shave
Turn off water
Open soap, wet brush in hot water. (This is true whether or not it's been soaking.
Load brush.
Make lather on face or in bowl.
(Put lather on face if made in bowl.)
XTG pass #1
XTG pass #2
ATG pass
Rinse face with water from sink.
Apply alum or WH
Empty sink, clean up soap suds and hair, wash bowl, outside of soap container, and brush.
Rinse face with clean cold water.
Aftershave balm or splash.

If I am in a big hurry I can cut it down to two passes and get it done in about 11 minutes and still be presentable.

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 05-25-2012, 12:27 PM
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This is a rather aproproate thread. Today I got back my BRW deluxe handle custom New long comb after loaning it to a friend who is thinking of getting one once Bob pops up again.

I decided since it was already out that I would use the BRW custom for today's shave.

I stuck it in the barbicide and set the timer running on my watch while I soaked my brush, washed my face, and set everything up.

I forgot to stop the timer when I took the razor out of the disinfectant after its 10 minute soak, just put the razor into the basin of water to rinse it off.

Lathered up and started shaving not realizing the timer on my watch was still running. After applying AS and cleaning up (wiping down the area and putting every thing away) I grabbed my watch to put it back on and it showed 32 minutes (and a few seconds) so by subtracting the known 10 minutes the razor was in the barbicide I know that my 4 pass shave time from start to after clean up was 22 minutes.

[Image: brw_new_lc_deluxe.jpg]

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 05-25-2012, 12:54 PM
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(04-30-2012, 09:22 AM)Rockford Wrote: 3 passes in 13 minutes!

That's about right for me.

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 05-26-2012, 07:11 AM
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I usually need to be at work by 7am. I usually don't get to bed until midnight. My work often requires me to work late (and with very little notice). Needless to say SWMBO is not a fan.

Anyway the day starts for me before 6am and more often than not my sleep has been interrupted by a toddler that refuses to sleep through the night. My eldest is nearly 7 and its been nearly as many years since I've had a full nights uninterrupted sleep.

In the morning I have a limited window of opportunity. Roughly 20 minutes is as long as an undisturbed time as I'm likely to get before a toddler joins me n the shower or SWMBO claims the bathroom.

Therefor 5 days a week (at least) shaving must be effective and expedient. On the weekends (when I'm occasionally not working) I can indulge and take a little longer.

I may have lost sight of the thread's question... 20 minutes is my answer!

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