04-30-2012, 12:15 PM
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Are these razors really any different in terms of performance? I an feel my RAD picking up and am looking in this direction. Haven't used any of these before, but found a Rocket HD and Aristocrat Jr to be just a bit too aggressive/effective.

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 05-02-2012, 09:31 AM
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Is this a dumb question? I know there are ton of different Aristocrats...

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 05-02-2012, 09:55 AM
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The President vs. Diplomat comparison is easy - they share the same head and therefore shave the same which is to say moderately mild but effective. A few thoughts on Aristocrats:

If you are asking about the US-market Aristocrats, there are a few models that were built over time. The '30s style open comb Aristocrats (barber pole style) are nice shavers and IMO a bit more aggressive than the Prez or Diplomat. Example:
[Image: 1934%20Aristocrat.JPG]

The '40s brought us the solid guard bar Aristocrat as shown and these razors shave similar to the Prez and Diplomat. Some say it's a bit more aggressive but I never thought so. Example:
[Image: 1946-1947%20Aristocrat%20blue%20case%20b...20Logo.jpg]

Now if you jump over the pond and open it up to British Gillette Aristocrats, then there is much more to discuss and a search will yield a ton of information. Generally though, the Brit. Aristos are far superior shavers and of much higher build quality. Lots of models to choose from but one of my favorites is Aristocrat #21...
[Image: 1948%20Aristocrat%20No21.JPG]

Keep looking and asking. But watch out for that slippery slope! Biggrin

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 05-02-2012, 11:04 AM
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It is not a dumb question at all, but it is very difficult to objectively classify a ton of razors by their heads. It is just a hard question to answer correctly.

Many diferent models share the same head, and not even in the same time period. Add to that the fact that these razors have been made a long time ago, and unless you get yourself a real NOS set, they may suffer from slight misalignements that alter their shaving characteristics. This means that the shave we may get may not be the "original" shave of the razor (had a couple of those myself), and that opinions on them may not be entirely true. So I always take impressions on hw they shave with a grain of salt.

As for jumping over the pond, personally I'm with Billy. It's a step up in quality.

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