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[Image: Schick%20Inj%201923.png]
The repeating magazine safety razor from the 20's is like the bolt action rifle of the bathroom - but I'm not sure how carbon steel blades would have fared in the enclosed magazine once you get some water and lather in it.

[Image: Pelizzola%201933.png]
It seems like the idea of a multi-blade razor goes back a long time - this one from 1933 looks rather unwieldy to me.

[Image: Gillette%20Inj%201944.png]
An early - 1944 - patent for what we would call a cartridge razor today... showing that Gillette started thinking about renewing their vendor lock-in fairly early on. Disposing a cartridge with four razor sharp edges sounds... interesting.

[Image: Disposable%20Razor%201954.png]
This patent for a disposable razor from the 50's would at least have made a neat little travel razor - you could almost fit something this small in a wallet if you wanted to.

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ah - love these diagrams hans! more of those please Cool

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Thanks for sharing, Hans! They are lovely photos! Biggrin

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Thank you, Hans! I really liked reading and seeing these old patents. Smile

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