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I have always had long, thick, and beautiful hair. It has been one of the gifts I was blessed with, and I have always felt grateful that I was lucky enough to have few issues with my hair. This doesn't mean that I have done nothing to care for it or maintain my hair, and it certainly doesn't mean I have avoided spending thousands of dollars on hair care products. However, I have always loved my hair, but I still have concerns and worries.

I have started to notice my hair thinning out over the past few months. It seems to be losing strength, and I am cleaning more from the drain in the tub than I have ever had to clean in the past. I want to begin making changes now in order to avoid problems as I grow older. I believe that small changes now will make a big difference long term.

I opened Google and began my search for information. There was obviously no lack of information related to hair, and any problem that one could possibly encounter. I found this page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hair_growth on Wikipedia. It discusses the fact that hair is nothing more than skin cells that layer on top of one another, and are then coated in keratin that is a protein. This had me thinking about skin care, and protein production and intake in my diet.

With the idea of improving my overall intake of vitamins, minerals, and proteins, I set out on a mission to discover solutions and methods for improving the strength and health of my hair. I figured that hair strength and growth must be similar to other areas of my health such as diet, emotional well being, and exercise. I know that my diet isn't the most nutritious, but like most people in the modern world meals are a passing thought during the chaos of my normal day. Eating the most well balanced meals would be just short of a miracle as I juggle the demands of daily life. I found a supplement on this page http://www.amazon.com/Vibrance-Vitamins-...00G6U4ZI6/ on Amazon. Has any of you used this product before? Any feedback about it?

The overall plan I have to help improve the strength and thickness of my hair is a long term plan. I intend to make changes to my diet so that it is more well balanced, add supplements to my diet, exercise more often, and add hair care products to my routine to help improve the quality of my hair so that I can keep it as beautiful as possible for as long as possible.

What advice can you offer that will help me with my goals? Do you have any special recipes or diet strategies that will allow me to balance things more easily? Do you have any shampoos, conditioners, sprays, or waxes to recommend that you know have worked to help improve the quality of your hair? I am looking for all of the best tips, advice, and solutions for improving the quality of our hair long term.

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Using any protein supplements with whey or soy?? Stop using them.
Also. Anything that will raise your testosterone will also thin your hair.

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Taken from the book "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" by Drs. Wallach & Lan…

"Alopecia: (baldness): loss of hair, which can occur locally or present as total hair loss. Male pattern baldness, female pattern baldness, and alopecia universals are examples.
Monoxidil and Retin-A creams will aid some male and female pattern baldness if treated early in the process and use is maintained. Deficiencies of the mineral tin have been shown to cause male patter baldness in lab animals. I personally have had considerable hair regrowth following the use of plant derived liquid colloidal tin. Alopecia that occurs with eczema is often caused by essential fatty acid deficiency and will respond to IV inter lipids and/or oral flaxseed oil at the rate of 9 grams per day. Zinc at 50mg t.i.d. is also indicated. Elimination of wheat and cow's milk from the diet will increase the rate of recovery. Betaine HCl and pancreatic enzymes at 75-200mg t.i.d. 15-20 minutes before meals are a must."

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You may want to research and consider the 'no poo method' and avoid shampoos with harsh chemicals. I switched a couple years ago and really like it.
My father and grandfather were both bald and had thin hair fairly young, but on my mother's side my 91 year old grandfather still has a thick mane of hair. Luckily I have full hair so I think I got all the good hair genes.

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(01-29-2014, 10:26 AM)Face Bannon Wrote: [Image: 8AL2xqf.jpg]

Thats funny

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The only thing I can recommend you to use, is a shampoo called Regenepure.

Regenepure DR contains an active ingredient called ketoconazole which blocks the DHT within the scalp. DHT is what causes hair loss.

A lot of men like to use a minoxidil treatment with a ketoconazole shampoo. You might want to check the Regenepure line.

As mentioned by RUK before, these shampoos have no harsh chemicals and are sulfate free.

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If you really need to talk to someone about this talk to your Dr. My hair is thinning as well. At first I was disappointed but said screw it and keep my hair very short. I plan on using a DE on my dome soon enough. Don't take this as an insult, As we get older things happen, that is just life.

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well before you shower you only put a little bit on the ends of your hair dont get it near your scalp because it gives you greasy hair. the olive oil helps you get rid of split ends. Biggrin i've tried it, it's good

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In all seriousness, the following works for me: don't wash it often. You hair's own oils and sebum are much better than any product, and most of the products we buy are designed to strip away the natural nutrients, and put them back with something else.

Give your hair a good hot rinse every day. You'd be surprised how clean that gets it from dirt and short term buildup. Don't shampoo.

Shampoo lightly about once a week, with a very no-frills shampoo. I use Trader Joe's.

The natural shine will come back to your hair, and it will come more easily without products and take on a natural health and body.

Optional-- I use Groom 'N Clean in a tube as hair product, because it is a water-based gel that rinses right out with zero build up. So I think this has an extra, mild cleaning effect each day.

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I'm with/like the OP.. Only non-bald male in my family, now nearing my 40s I think I have commenced my hair loss journey.

Wonder if keeping it longish is better, to cover receding hairline or to buzz it in order not to weaken it further. Hmm..

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