04-30-2012, 09:13 PM
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Sorry gents! All razors have been sold.

I have no idea how to price these 5 razors so I'll just say take your pick for $8 each; buy one, and any additional razors sell for $6 to the same address. CONUS only for those prices. I'll ship internationally for the additional shipping cost.

If I'm off base on my pricing someone please tell me.

I've cleaned them months ago, examined them, but haven't shaved with them. Before I ship them I'll put some lube in the mechanisms of the MicroMatics.

The first 3 aren't pretty, but are fully functional GEMs. From left to right:

#1 is the prettiest of the bunch (and it's not pretty)- it's an OCMM with some of the gold plating remaining

#2 is another OCMM with very little plating remaining

#3 is a Clog-Pruf MicroMatic with very little plating remaining

[Image: DSC03630.jpg]

The next 2 are better looking but are still user grade.

Left to right there is a GEM Featherweight and a 1912 Junior. Because of the way I controlled the reflection of the flash, areas that don't have a high shine are seen as being brighter. Both razors look worse in the picture than in person. There is some corrosion on the Jr behind the head in the area of the hinge.

[Image: DSC03631.jpg]

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