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LA Shaving Soap: Santa Monica Bay Rum

Hi folks, I recently responded to a request from John from LA Shaving Soap asking for some feedback for a new range of soaps. John very kindly offered to send me a sample of soap as a thank you, I chose the Santa Monica Bay Rum.

After a journey across the Atlantic I received this:

[Image: 791f3ca3112bc743add199e552e98ff2_zpsa1fc8fc2.jpg]

As you can see two samples, both of which smelled absolutely beautiful something my Wife commented on as soon as I opened the envelope.

I chose to use the Bay Rum first, with a Merkur 37c, a Gillette Green Blade in my recently re-finished stainless steel bowl with my Bluebeards revenge Doubloon brush.

Choosing to bowl lather I placed a small amount in the bottom of the bowl:

[Image: 20140131_180354_zps8877b315.jpg]

With a small bit of water and started to work the soap, all the while loving the aroma, after a short time I was rewarded with a lovely thick foamy lather:

[Image: 20140131_180615_zps657b0482.jpg]

As soon as I began painting my face I found the lather was nice and thick and I was sure It would definitely provide a nice cushion for my shave, I was not wrong and had a lovely 3 pass shave and enjoyed the smell of cloves as I did so.

Once finished I still had enough lather in my bowl although I had managed to drip some water in it would definitely be usable. ( sorry for the poor picture)

[Image: 20140131_181548_zps1a0948b6.jpg]

I was very happy with the performance of the soap, a little bit went a long way and was very easy to work with, the fragrance was very pleasant and not too overpowering.

I look forward to trying the Topanga Fougere.

Thanks for reading and thanks again to LA Shaving Soap for the chance to use a great product.

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 02-03-2014, 06:18 AM
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John's soaps are outstanding. I've sampled all of the scents he currently has available, and the performance is as good as just about anything out there. The scents are very subjective, and personally, I prefer the Vanilla-Mint-Eucalyptus and Topanga Fougere the best.

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 02-04-2014, 05:15 AM
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My tub of Los Angeles Shaving Soap in the Woody Lavender scent arrived yesterday. After trying and really liking 4 different samples from Maggard Razors, I decided to go with the WL. I liked the Topanga Fougère scent better, but not 50% better: $16 vs. $24. Many have compared the LASS soap to MdC. The owner tried to reverse engineer the MdC. I can’t speak to that, not having used MdC yet (I guess if you find it very close, $24 still beats the heck out of $60+ for MdC). I can say that this is a great soap. It is a soft croap and very easy to lather, even in my ROCK hard water. It doesn’t take much soap to get a lot of creamy, thick, and very cushioning lather. My face feels great. Those of you that have used both can comment on how they compare. The bottom line for me is that this is an excellent artisan soap line.

They really do need to invest in some waterproof labels though.
[Image: SOTD2-4-14_zps6c693ea8.jpg]
[Image: LASSWoodyLavender_zps5ced4cf7.jpg]

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 02-04-2014, 06:22 AM
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In posts that John has made elsewhere, he has referenced the fact that he, too, has very hard water, and his testing and refinement of the soap formula ensured that he was able to lather his own soap.

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