02-04-2014, 04:25 PM
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Gotta let a few things go due to German posting a delicious D3 Silvertip earlier roday Smile

Here we go:

SOLD SOLD 1) L'Occitane Plisson Synthetic - purchased online last week, received it on Friday, hand lathered it once and I am just not a synth guy.....yet. I paid $59 total with tax --- yours for $50 shipped SOLD SOLD

2) Whipped Dog Silvertip 30mm with black handle --- have used it maybe 10 times, has not shed at all the past few shaves, lost 2-4 hairs per shave the first handful of shaves. Really a great brush for the price --- asking $35.00 shipped

The Follwing items must be combined in at least $25 amounts for shipping to make sense for me.

- 1/3 of a Kilo of the famous 3P shaving soap plus a full IKEA grundtal (used twice) of it (next to it in the picture) -- $18

- Beer Soap Lime and Pepper (used once) --- amazing lather and skincare, there is just something in this one that breaks me out --- I am thinking the pepper, included IKEA Grundtal - $10

SOLD SOLD - Razorock Son of Zeus (used once) - just too colognish for me --- $8.00 SOLD SOLD

- Prarie Creations Green Irish Tweed Douceur de Cando (their take on MdC) - used once, just not a huge GIT fan, but smells nearly identical to the real thing - $15

- Speick Active Aftershave Splash (used once) - $15

- Barbon Aftershave -(used once) - $5

[Image: ZmGwRuE.jpg]

[Image: 7aahB6x.jpg]

[Image: Oqpznax.jpg]

[Image: CwVyO5c.jpg]

[Image: 3U8Rxpd.jpg]

Thanks Everyone,


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 02-04-2014, 06:18 PM
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someone can take the Whipped Dog Brush plus everything else for $70 shipped tonight -- that is the brush + the Beer Soap, the 3P soap, the DDC Prarie Creations, the Speick AS and the Barbon all for $70.00 shipped OR I will trade it to you for a Rocket HD or Aristocrat Jr.

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