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***SPF both items***

Like new condition 39C. Has original box and will include 10 Personna Reds which work really well for me in slants. $45 CONUS.

[Image: 6HLG95z.jpg]
[Image: qIbQs7o.jpg]
[Image: VtTRPt7.jpg]

Merkur Futur $45 CONUS. Like new condition, only one slight scratch on the handle that you can see caused by my chrome brush/razor stand. Have a Mergress XL and they shave very similar so willing to part with this razor. Have orginal box but in bad shape from being crushed in move from MO to ID and will include 10 SI blades and 5 Personna Reds.

[Image: GfLoag0.jpg]
[Image: QVBXUZM.jpg]

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