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purchased this from TSN member German a few weeks back and I am making room for a few more Simpsons that I have incoming right now from around the globe. Amazing feeling brush and great flow through and release of the lather.

Knot is 24.63mm diameter and 48.2mm loft by my calipers.

Beautifully dense Super Silvertip knot that has soft tips and great resiliency and backbone.

SOLD SOLD $200.00 shipped to the US or $220.00 to Canada SOLD SOLD

[Image: 66Wy62u.jpg]

[Image: EHOpGRC.jpg]

[Image: 9frxT8u.jpg]

[Image: gpAVkLM.jpg]

[Image: 5umNQLn.jpg]

[Image: bEGWqrR.jpg]



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