02-15-2014, 07:53 PM
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Hello gents,

Up for sale or trade I have a lot of soaps which get very, very little use for me, so I'm looking to free up some space in the den.

For trades, I am looking for:

-a Schick Krona OR Gillette Tech
-Mike's Soaps

The Lot:

[Image: 02tZ9eX.jpg]

[Image: OjejgPz.jpg]

Included are:

-Barrister & Mann Tre Citta soft soap, 90%+ - a lovely soap with excellent performance, which burns my face beyond a single pass pretty badly. I'll have to hand tight until he offers a different scent =(

-LA Shaving Woodsy Lavender 90%+ - super easy to work with. The scent and lather of this stuff are top notch, and I have been told it is similar in style to MdC.

Al's Sapone da Barba, "Fougere About It" 90%+ - Great performance, awesome fougere scent, but I find myself reaching for the Rose version of the Sapone. I love the post-shave of this stuff!

2x DRH Shave Sticks, Arlington, Almond, both 90%ish - I traded for these after having such great experiences with Windsor, but found that the scents are not for me.

Lot Price: SOLD

Thanks, and send a PM with any questions!

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