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I spent last year in England for family reasons. What is not shown is a disposable Good News, I've had for 10 years, if you strop it in your forearm, it can last a long time, and travel dispensers for Witch Hazel or Pinaud Clubman. I disassemble my DE and show it in a plastic bag at security, no razors, and I buy my DE razors locally; Wilkinsons at Boots and I got me some Astra greens at a small shop in London near Jermyn Street. The Semogue 830 I love, but now I have a Kent Synthetic I bought back there. And that is one of my three Gillete Tech DE razors. The Alum stick is easy to carry and can double as deodorant. The Palmolive Shave stick makes great lather and the Tabac is compact and solves the problem. I bought a whole bunch of stuff there so this was used for the first months, it grew quickly. I'll be back soon.

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