02-18-2014, 07:31 AM
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For those of you not on Facebook I thought I would share some pics. These have been sent to us by two different fans who are in Europe. Presently they are both in Paris but don't know each other. My understanding is they are traveling about and may send more pictures from different locations. LIKE us on Facebook for the latest but will try to post here as able.

If you have a bottle of our product and are on the road, send us a picture of the bottle in various locations and we may use it on our Facebook page. This looks like a recurring theme on our page and makes it fun. The possibilities are endless - landmark buildings in the background, Grand Canyon, sailboats in the background, waitaminute - sailboats... PERFECT!

Outside the Louvre:

[Image: hA4RZIZ.jpg]

In front of the Opera de Paris:

[Image: Ytlxfpyl.jpg]

A Metro (subway) stop at night:

[Image: L2qFm4El.jpg]

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