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These two photos show two differences between two Gillette Slims. One is dated H3 (3Q, 1962); the other is dated K3 (3Q,1965).

In the first pic, you will see the underside of the heads, and at the top centre of each, you can discern slightly different looks; the left Slim (H3) has a part that is like a 'straight line' with a light split line down the centre; in the Slim on the right (K3) the same area/part is made of two discernible 'components' one of which has a squarish looking area.

Second photo, same two Slims. Just to the left and the right of the side plate (with the squared ends), on the Slim on the left (H3) you can see the slightly squared mechanism that operates the silo doors when the knob is turned to open them. In the Slim on the right (K3), the same part is more discernibly pointy.

I don't know if these differences cut in at a particular date or not, but it's interesting to see these differences. I always thought all Slims were the same. Clearly, they are not. These two both weight 71gm, according to my scales anyway.

Anyone else noticed this before? Or am I just a bit slow in picking these things up?

[Image: 8h6jhu0.jpg]

[Image: rlcXlRI.jpg]

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