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Vendor Rules:

We encourage vendors to be active contributing members to the forum and really appreciate the value that excellent vendors add to the membership. We ask that you follow these basic rules.

1) Vendors must be approved by The Shave Nook Staff. If you are interested in becoming a vendor on the Shave Nook, please contact a moderator or administrator.

2) Vendors are required to have their own websites, and to conduct business and sales through that website only. Unapproved vendors caught trying to bypass this requirement will have their account terminated immediately.

3) Aspiring vendors must show proof of a valid resale license, EIN, and import licenses (when applicable).

4) In order to participate in the Vendor's Corner, we ask that all vendors display The Shave Nook logo with click through link on their webpage. Please send me a PM with your email address and I will email the HTML code for our "button".

5) Vendors are allowed to sell their personal items in the B/S/T just like a regular member. However, vendors cannot sell stock items in the B/S/T

6) Vendors are not permitted to post comments in other members' B/S/T listings that feature their products

7) We are more relaxed than some forums and realize that vendors are knowledgeable about their products. Feel free to add relevant information in non-vendor posts. We encourage you to be a regular contributing member and we value what you can bring to the conversation.

8) No "thread bumping" (making pointless posts just to bring your thread to the top). Posts must be pertinent product additions/re-stocks/discontinuations, or sales/specials.

9) No "Shilling" of Products (giving or awarding products to members, with an unwritten expectation that it is for a favorable review or comment). To maintain the integrity of this forum, while providing honest information to our membership, reviews shall only pertain to products purchased and used by the reviewer. This will be closely moderated and violators of this rule will be subject to warnings or ultimately banning from The Shave Nook.

10) Please Post all contests in the Contests, Drawings, and Give-A-Ways Section.

11) Vendors/manufacturers cannot request product reviews as a condition of a contest.

12) Known vendors must be paid vendors to conduct any business on the site (including listing e-mail addresses, websites or making use of the PM system)

13) Vendors may not request Paypal Personal Payments (e.g. gifts) in their For Sale ads. Your price must include all fees.

14) These rules are subject to change as the need arises.

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