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SOLD!! I ordered this brush (the one on the right) from shavemac & the Handle is bigger than I wanted. Could not resolve because of language difference, I guess, because we could not reach an understanding. Long story short, 2 brushes were not as requested. One was lost in return mail. It has been frustrating. I wanted two but decided to live with one (on the left). I am offering this brush for $175. I paid $220+ for it. It is about 26.5/27x48mm. I can tell it is going to be a good one and actually, I like the handle because it is comfortable, just different feel than I'm wanting.
Paypal, conus-sorry. The only trade I would consider is a shavemac D01 two band bulb 26/27mm knot.
PM me, you don't need to say pm sent.

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