02-22-2014, 12:19 PM
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Hey chaps I'm looking for some advice on NAS systems.

My current set up is:
iPhone 5
iPad Mini x 2
27" iMac
Apple TV

I want to sell the iMac and go as computer less as possible as 99% of the time it doesn't get used apart from downloads.

I want to stream media to the above devices primarily in mp4/m4v but with the odd avi/mkv thrown in and airplay to the Apple TV. As I will be going computer less the NAS will also be managing around 300GB of photos.

I'm weighing up between the Synology DS213j or 214 Play. The performance of the 213j is what's concerning me?

In an ideal world this would be a cost saving exercise and would prefer to spend as little as possible but without wishing I had spent a little bit more for better performance.

We still do have a crappy old Dell laptop for those times I do need a computer.

By the time I've loaded hard drives in them there's about £100 difference. I'm not far off the cost of Mac Mini but I would then need a monitor etc which pushes the cost up (although could connect to the tv) but fancy more of turn key solution.

Any thoughts or experiences or other options?

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 02-22-2014, 01:44 PM
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Synology and Qnap are both good home solutions. I've used both and think the synology firmware is better. Performance was good with both in a raid 5 or 6 configuration. Look at the firmware features and see which you'll use most. I warranty and performance should be similar so last up is cost.

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 02-23-2014, 04:52 PM
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I can't speak for the Qnap but I just set up a Synology DS213+ last week. I love it. Very easy to set up, fast streaming, & the DSM software is really impressive.

Remember, when you buy a NAS you're also buying the software.

I'm using two WD Red 2TB NAS- specific drives.

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