02-23-2014, 01:33 PM
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Due to the success of the promotion we had on Facebook last weekend, I've decided to extend the Puck 'n Brush sale for the time being.

Simple go to http://stirlingsoap.com/hardware.html and pick out any of our Badger brushes (no boars, sorry). For each brush, you will receive a free puck of any soap from our standard line of shave soaps. This is an awesome way to pick up a great best badger brush for cheap (~$21-$22) and get one of the best soaps on the market for free to go with it. You can either shoot us a message with your preference for the free soap, or we can choose one of our favorites for you. This is also a super bargain for anyone looking to get into wet shaving without spending a ton of money or wasting money on inferior products. EDIT: If you would like to try a boar, I will happily add in a free shave sample (1/3 of a puck, our samples are huge) with any order of a boar brush.

All of the brushes come with a replacement/refund guarantee, just like anything else at Stirling Soap.

Don't forget to check out our DE razors to complete the set. The DE3P1 ($12.50) is 85 grams with a handle length of 3.15 inches. The stubby DE3P2 ($15.50) is a hefty 101 grams with a 3 inch handle.

We do have a limited supply of the DE3P2 razors that arrived from the manufacturer with very small spots of brass showing where the chrome plating did not stick. This does not affect the great shave they provide in any way. It just means you can get a really hefty and sturdy razor for half-off ($7.75).

Put all this together with our new 5 dollar domestic flat rate shipping on all orders, and you can get a great best badger brush, a hefty three piece razor, and one of the best soaps on the market, all shipped for ~$35. You won't find that anywhere else without sacrificing quality.

If you know someone who is on the fence about getting into wet shaving, here's your way to help push them in the pool. If you already have a full shave den but would just like to try something new or get something for travel that you can worry about less than the brush and blade you paid a total of $250 for, here you go.

I have 3 batches of the Glacial curing right now. I'm going to do a test lather with them soon and I hope to have them ready in the coming weeks. Tons more new stuff on the way, including alcohol based aftershaves to go along with the witch hazel and aloe splashes.

As always, requests are welcome, and feedback is appreciated.

Take care and have a great week,


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