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SOLD. Please archive.
I would like to trade/sell my Valobra Almond soap used 2x. The menthol if my fav but I am allergic to the Almond. Price is $15 shipped CONUS with brush included.

Here is some info on Valobra Almond from IB along with a stock pic
[Image: Q2VReYp.jpg]
(NOTE: this is just a stock photo - I can send you pic of my puck later today if you like - PM me)

Also included is a noname 70mm loft boar brush. Brush is new & never used. Here is a picture:[Image: J6yunwg.jpg].
Please note that the La Toja is not included.

Some items I'm in interested in for full/partial trades:
Soaps: Mike's, MWF, Haslinger, PC, Jabonman
Brushes: Any silvertip (esp WD), L'Occitane or Muhle Synth
but PM me if you have any other offers.

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