03-01-2014, 02:12 PM
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A few items for sale:

SOLD SOLD SOLD 1) Barbasol Floating Head -- gone are the days of these things going for less than $100 and I have a lot in this one, if it sells, great, if not, then I will hold on to it and continue to love the shaves --- it is hands down, far and away the greatest razor I have personally every used for aggression mixed with unparralled smoothness.

one of the best condition ones I have ever came across and has a little bit of rusting on the bottom of the top cap at the base of the alignment posts and a touch of brassing on the corner of the safety bar.

asking $265.00 shipped --- I know this is top end of the spectrum, but it took me forever to find one and there is one is nowhere near this nice of condition on eBay currently at $177 with over a day left, so I feel that a collector or someone who has been searching like I had may feel this a fair price....it is as nice of a shave as a Cobra and one of those just sold on here for $260 as well in the Teflon Finish. (for comparison's sake)

again, $265 shipped for this. No harm no foul if it does not sell. SOLD SOLD SOLD -- 5 OFFERS IN 30 SECONDS AND 5 MORE IN FIRST TWO MINUTES -- HOLY MOLY! I HAVE RESPONDED TO WHO GOT IT ***

[Image: c8E1Yny.jpg]

[Image: CWpw4Qb.jpg]

[Image: ViseIft.jpg]

[Image: goc7KyG.jpg]

[Image: sySkAnw.jpg]

2) Israeli Cream Lot --- all new in the box

you get:

Qty. 2 Mem Olives new in the box
Qty. 2 Lavador Menthols (they are menthol and not lavender as you may think from the name)
Qty. 1 Mem Original

asking what I Paid from Israel: $34 shipped

[Image: fAHQ3lU.jpg]

3) Jabonman Shaving Soap and Me Shaving Soap

you get:

WITHDRAWN -- MANUAL JUST COFIRMED THAT MY TWO SOAPS ARE PART OF SOME OF THE BAD ONES SOLD IN DECEMBER, MOVING THE ME SOAP TO THE I* Qty 1 - Jabonman - Ylang Ylang Pachuli Naranja (used 4 times) in the tub this one weighs 155g on my scale.

Qty 1- Jabonman Tierra Humeda (used once) in the tub this one weighs 184g on my scale.

**both of these were purchased from Manuel (Jabonman) on December 30th, 2013

Qty 1 - Me Shaving Soap - Alcala Scent - new and unused and this one is 70g in the tub.

asking $45.00 shipped for all three.

[Image: pRbjmmh.jpg]

SOLD SOLD SOLD 4) Two new and unused Razorock Mudder Fockers -- these were LE and now discontinued -- asking what I paid -- $42.00 shipped. SOLD SOLD SOLD

[Image: D3KgWJZ.jpg]


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 03-01-2014, 03:11 PM
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Is there a size limit on pictures now? I would love to see the Barbasol Floating Head in all it's glory. GLWTS!

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 03-01-2014, 04:47 PM
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Glad to see the sale!

The value of my mint condition Floating Head in Rhodium has just increased substantially. Wink

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