05-03-2012, 07:30 AM
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I have had several Omega brushes in the past - most of them boar, but I've never tried this particular model - The 10098 Professional Boar.

Here's a pic of it, shamelessly stolen from Phil's site (I'll update this post with my own pics soon):

[Image: yhst-16445739206724_2201_42583221]

This is a 'professional' brush, meaning that the knot loft and handle length are longer than a regular brush. The brush has a 27 mm knot, and it's pretty tall - easily the tallest brush I have.

When you get it, it's nicely packaged in a box (nothing special, but still utilitarian). My first impressions on taking it out were - 'Wow! This is big!'.

The handle is hollow moulded plastic, with the Omega name on the plastic itself - no sticker to come off, but the name is black on black, and is not noticeable. It is a nice shape, and is easy to hold and feels nice in the hand. It doesn't have the solid feel of a lathe-turned handle, but it's still pretty good......especially at the price.

What was really impressive is the knot. It is very dense (I'll post pics of the knot later), and it is tight, and doesn't splay out much. The hairs are even at the tips. One thing that stood out is that the tips are all split right out of the box. I'd never noticed this with my other Omegas, so I wonder if this is a new development.

Also, I was ready for the really strong stink when I first wet the knot and test-lathered with it. There was a wet dog smell, but it was very subtle (on par with a new badger brush).

Combining these two results (the split tips and the lack of smell), I wonder if Omega is doing some break-in of the knots prior to shipping them.

Anyway, because the hairs were pretty much all split, I decided that only three test-lathers were enough, and I started using the brush.

As I expected, the knot has some really nice backbone. It really is easy to load up with soap, and the lather produced is thick and just perfect. It only took a very short amount of time to build the lather too. The handle design really aided all stages of the brush use --- it's just very comfortable and efficient.

On the face, the tips were like heaven - soft, super-decadent, and with an underlying feel of real nice backbone -- just what I look for in a knot. It doesn't splay much at all, which allows precise application of lather.

All-in-all, my first few uses of this brush have shown that this is probably one of the best boar brushes I've used. At the price (<$20), it is probably the best value for money boar brush I've tried, and it out-performs brushes that are many times its price.

I bought this brush with the intention of seeing if it could replace my Semogue 2011 LE boar. I'll do a head-to-head comparison in a couple of weeks, but I think this is going to be a slam-dunk win for the Omega.

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 05-03-2012, 07:40 AM
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Thanks for the review Yohann. I've seen quite a few reviews of the 49 but this is the first of the 98 and I've always been curious to it.

Since it is such a large handled brush - do you feel it's better for boar latherers vs. face latherers? Not sure if it can get unwieldy due to size.

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 05-03-2012, 07:46 AM
  • Johnny
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Which Semogue 2011 LE boar do you have, 1 or 2?

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 05-03-2012, 07:49 AM
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Johnny -

I have a size 2. I know you're looking for a 1, but I got rid of mine a long time ago. Smile

Brent -

I think you could face-lather this this, but its primary use (because of the size) would be for bowl-lathering.

It doesn't splay much at all, so it's possible to face-lather with it (I tried), but because of the overall length it can be a little strange to face-lather with it.

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 05-03-2012, 09:19 AM
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I have the somewhat similar Omega 20107 Pro boar brush - 26mm knot, 62mm loft. An excellent brush for $10, that performs much as you describe the Omega 10048. It doesn't splay much either, allowing for precise application of lather.


Semogue SOC w/ Omega 20107

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 05-03-2012, 07:59 PM
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Thanks for the answer Yohann! I think if I end up getting an Omega I may try this out due to the review. I bowl lather but spend a lot of time on the face so I figure I'm kind of a combo/hybrid latherer. Even though it may be more suited to not spend a ton of time on my face I really think this could be one of the real "mix it up" type brushes!

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 06-07-2012, 03:12 AM
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This Omega is rapidly convincing me that it's the best boar brush I've ever used, and probably it's in my top five brushes of all kinds.

I've tried the Semogue 2011 LE's, the 2009 LE, the B&B Semogue LE, and a lot of other Semogue boar brushes, and they were all great - beautiful, comfortable, lovely on the face and great latherers.

One place where they failed to match my preferences was their bloom. They became like massive mops after they were broken in. I think this is because of the thin bristles that Semogue uses in their brushes - causing the knots to play a lot.

This Omega doesn't bloom as much, and the tips are softer than any Semogue I used (except the 830). The handle is really comfortable and the knot just works wonders for me.

I'll post some 'in use' pics later, but for now I just wanted to say: There are a lot of Semogue lovers out there on TSN, and for good reason. Count me in as one of the biggest Omega fans (at least of this model) --- the John Adams of the Omega 10098, if you will. (Let's see who figures out which John Adams I'm referring to Smile).


I think it says a lot that since I got this brush, I have got rid of every Semogue boar I had (except the Caravela, which is not seeing any use).

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 06-07-2012, 07:19 AM
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I have a 10049 and a Semogue 1305. I see exactly what you mean about the Semogue bloom. So far, mine is not unusably bloomed, but it's pretty big.

It's interesting to use them one after the other, or to test/break-in lather them both. They are neck-and-neck for tip softness, but the Omega bristles are much stiffer.

I prefer my 1305 for face lathering, my 10049 for bowl/palm.

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 06-07-2012, 08:55 PM
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Looking forward to the comparison.

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 09-29-2015, 09:38 AM
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I got this brush earlier today. 
Out of the box: no funk at all and it is pretty pretty much broken in with most of the tips split. I lathered it up a few times with dish soap and after that, while it was drying, it did have that smell, but very mild. It probably washed off some deodorant. 

First shave today:

The handle is huge and I love it. I couldn't care less about plastic mold lines - it fits well in my hand. I find it more comfortable than the 49/48/proraso style handles. 

The tips are super soft, nice backbone, and it doesn't splay like the SOC so it is easy to control just like a regular-sized brush. 

I think for the ridiculous price, any wet shaving enthusiast should have one.
And I also think it looks awesome on the counter.

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