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A few items up for sale today. This is my first Nook sale post, so please just let me know if anything isn't right. Prices include US shipping. Payment by Paypal only. PM for international shipping prices. I'm open to trades, mostly for soaps & ASs.

SOLD 1 - Gillette Senator: $55. A few very small marks on the head (which are hard to see in the pics), but overall in clean shape. TTO works correctly. Very nice shaver.

[Image: 9oVfbnLl.jpg]
[Image: vVgRspSl.jpg]
[Image: UWAhpf9l.jpg]
[Image: z09nTD5l.jpg]

SOLD 2 - British Ever-Ready 1912: $10. In very nice shape. I'll throw in a pack of Treets too.

[Image: 4LkPlEOl.jpg]
[Image: YVStWmcl.jpg]
[Image: tvo09KXl.jpg]

3 - Monsieur Charles shavette: $22.50. Used maybe 5x. This shavette takes regular injector blades. I will throw in a new package of the Personna blades. The green DE shavette is not included. I paid $30 for this new.

[Image: FnTFAqxl.jpg]
[Image: X51Zg2vl.jpg]

4 - Parker travel razor: $20. Used maybe 5x. 4 piece travel razor. The finish isn't perfect (on the razor or the leather pouch) and there is one tiny ding on the top cap that I tried to show in one of the pictures. I paid $30 for it new.

[Image: vb69SAel.jpg]
[Image: fGixca6l.jpg]

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