03-03-2014, 06:22 AM
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All super nice items that don't get the love they deserve.
Shipping is from the Czech Republic. Very quick in EU, takes a little over a week to the US.

The post office offers two methods - regular and signed-for. Regular shipping is $5. Signed for is $10.

SOLD --- Kent BK-8
Big Luxurious brush. I only used it a handfull of times, still has a trace of badger funk. $100 ---SOLD
[Image: %255BUNSET%255D]

SOLD ---Simpson Duke 2 in best.
No issues. Was not used much. $70
[Image: %255BUNSET%255D]

SOLD ---- Muhle Kosmo Silvertip Fibre V2. Excellent brush. Used a handfull of times. $39
[Image: %255BUNSET%255D]

SOLD ---Semogue SOC Special Edition 2012, mixed badger/boar knot, reincarnation of the famous Caravella.
I will regret this one because it is gorgeous, wonderful ergonomic handle... $39
[Image: %255BUNSET%255D]

SOLD ----SOC Boar. Broken in with split tips. It literally took dozens of lather/dry cycles. I don't think I actually used it in shaving more than a handful of times. $15
[Image: %255BUNSET%255D]

SOLD -----Long Handle Progress. $50
[Image: %255BUNSET%255D]

Schick E, cased with vintage dispenser + a magazine of Chinese Schick blades with 6 blades (out of 7) in it. $20
[Image: 20140218_104757.jpg]

GEM Contour. Most Contours you'd find on ebay look awful. Unlike brass, the plastic construction did not age with grace. This one looks new. It was NOS when I got it. I used it once or twice (the cardboard blade is no longer part of it). Great razor. $15
[Image: 20140220_152449.jpg]

more photos of GEM and Schick:

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 03-03-2014, 06:24 AM
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Very nice items offered at reasonable prices ... GLWTS!

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 03-03-2014, 10:56 AM
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I will take both Semogues and Duke 2 and Muhle.

Why not?

Thanx for the sale!

PM sent!

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 03-03-2014, 12:31 PM
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Brushes and Merkur are SOLD.

Schick and Gem are still available.
Thank you guysSmile

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