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I slept on it and had a change of heart. I'll keep it around to tinker with. Thanks, gentlemen!

Pics Added! Please note that the watch still has the old screen protector on it, which is peeling now. You can replace it with the new one once it gets to you.

[Image: temporary-1099.jpg]

[Image: temporary-501.jpg]

[Image: temporary-912.jpg]

I have a Pebble Smartwatch for sale here. It is in great shape (always used it with a screen protector), and it runs flawlessly. I really like it, but can only wear one watch at a time, and I prefer vintage watches. Biggrin

It comes in its original packaging, with all the accessories that it originally shipped with.

This watch has been updated to the 2.0 software, and will work as an accelerometer, etc.

It works with Android phones, iPhones, Blackberry 10, and to some extent with Windows Phones as well. It also works very well with the Nokia N9, but that's probably too esoteric for most people.

BONUS: I'll also throw in a brand new Skinomi Pebble screen protector. I bought this as a backup to the one I have on the watch (which is slowly peeling off), but I never used it. It cost $10 on Amazon, and you get it for free.

Price shipped in the US is $120.

EDIT: For those who don't know what the Pebble is: It is a smartwatch that communicates with your smartphone. I'd call it a companion device that tells the time. It is light, pretty compact and it is an excellent watch that can be customized to show pretty much any watch-face you like. It also receives notifications from your phone (calls, texts, MMS, Facebook, etc.). It can control your music on your smartwatch. It can also function as a fitness monitor, timer, etc.

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$120 shipped, Tapatalk problem.

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