03-07-2014, 12:06 PM
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For sale are:
1. SOLD Two new Art of Shaving lavender shaving soap refill pucks, tallow formula, 95g (3.4 oz.), for $45 each shipped CONUS. SOLD
[Image: 2DdZZIG.jpg][Image: JheW3w4.jpg][Image: QNz5E6O.jpg]

2. SOLD One new Art of Shaving unscented shaving soap refill puck, tallow formula, 95g (3.4 oz.), for $40 shipped CONUS. SOLD
[Image: uyVPcP9.jpg][Image: hshpZT9.jpg][Image: lxiEAmp.jpg]

3. SOLD Two new Woods of Windsor shaving soap large mug refill pucks, tallow formula, 150g (5.2 oz.), for $35 each. BOTH SOLD.
[Image: dBhs8vm.jpg][Image: jfovBNR.jpg][Image: 5Qbs6ry.jpg]

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 03-07-2014, 12:10 PM
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Great stuff!

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