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I'm making an attempt to prune the den a bit, so here are some razors for sale.

Prices include shipping in the US and payment should be made by Paypal.


3) ABC Gillette - $60 shipped US (was $70)

This is a rareish ABC Gillette in fine shape, though the plating has worn. The scrollwork on the handle is lovely, and the head is in great shape, with no bent teeth.

The teeth on this head are the slightly rarer wide type.

[Image: temporary-407.jpg]

[Image: temporary-531.jpg]

8) Modern razor starter set - $35 shipped US (was $40)

Here are three modern razors that are probably a good investment for a newbie. Two care cased, and the third is not. These are all in excellent shape.

From left to right we have:

A) RazoRock OC razor - somewhat aggressive smooth shaver
B) Cadet TTO - pretty aggressive DE razor
C) Feather Popular - Excellent razor for traveling. Mild, but pretty efficient.

[Image: temporary-2422.jpg]

9) Vintage DE razor lot - $35 shipped US (was $40)

Here we have another set for anyone who wants to try some nice vintage razors. It could be used by a newbie.

From left to right, we have:

1) British bakelite razor. No maker, but it is well made and is a fine shaver.
2) Gillette Slim-Twist - Nice TTO razor that shaves well and is surprisingly sturdy
3) Gillette Old-type head on a replacement handle - the head is in fine shape, with no bent teeth.

[Image: temporary-543.jpg]



SOLD!! 1) Gillette Big Fellow Old Type - Cased - $100 shipped US

This is a pretty nice Big Fellow set. The razor has worn plating, but it otherwise in excellent shape with no bent teeth, etc. The case has the blade box and is in fine shape.

[Image: temporary-1923.jpg]

SOLD!! 2) British NEW #77 - cased - $80 shipped US

Another nice Gillette. This one is a NEW #77 cased (no blade boxes). Bakelite case is in very good shape. The razor is in really nice shape too, with no bent teeth, and the plating is mostly nice.

[Image: temporary-1472.jpg]

SOLD!! 4) Engels Asymmetric Head razor - $60 shipped US

This is a rarity - a Karl Engels (Solingen) DE razor with an asymmetric head. This razor is well-made, and comes in a case which may be original (can't say for sure). The handle is thicker than normal handles.

The thing that makes this razor interesting is the asymmetric head. One side is slightly more aggressive than the other. Both are medium aggressive - more so than a DE89. It is a very smooth shaver. The sides are distinguished by the number of 'teeth' on the safety bar.

[Image: temporary-1641.jpg]

SOLD!! 5) Gillette Long-handled adjustable 'black beauty' - $40 shipped US (with freebie)

This is a long handled adjustable in excellent shape, with the numbers marked in black. It functions perfectly and looks great.

It is sold along with the Russian razor shown below. This is a usable razor with the traditional soviet 'quality'.

SOLD!! 7) PAL Injectomatic - cased - $25 shipped US

This is a lovely PAL Injectomatic injector razor. I believe these are among the most aggressive injector razors - slightly more aggressive than the Schick G-type. This has a chrome-plated head, which is in fine shape.

[Image: temporary-1143.jpg]

SOLD!! 6) Schick Imperial Set - $30 shipped US

This is a lovely Schick injector set. There are some blades in the injector cartridge, but I have no idea if they're usable. The mirror is intact.

[Image: temporary-1995.jpg]

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Wow! Very nice stuff!

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What is the date code on the black beauty?

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Hmmm pm sent sir

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(03-07-2014, 03:01 PM)Batman9402 Wrote: Hmmm pm sent sir
Not wanting to hijack the thread, but I find it amusing that your first post here in TSN is "PM sent".

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Prices reduced on remaining razors.

This will be the only price drop.

Thanks everyone for buying the other razors.


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