03-08-2014, 07:30 AM
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With pride and pleasure we would like to introduce the new BdF aftershavebalms.

In the 4 scents you already know, without alcohol and made from natural products. A non-fatty balm that will leave your skin nice and nourished.

The balms are now extra attractive when bought together with the matching BdF-soap. As an option in product view, you will get the balm cheaper with the soap or vice versa. Options are visible like this:

[Image: vb%20asb%20combi.jpg]

[Image: bdf-raffinato-asb-500x500.jpg]

[Image: bdf-classico-asb-500x500.jpg]

[Image: bdf-mistero-asb-500x500.jpg]

[Image: bdf-esclusivo-asb-500x500.jpg]

BdF aftershave balms

Have a nice weekend!

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