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Time to thin things out a little...

Sadly, since I've had a bad experience with shipping outside the US, I am going to restrict to ConUs only. USPS Priority shipping is included in the prices. PayPal only. Have fun!

E.Weck NY & Brooklyn-Rigidedge Razor - $79 **SOLD Pending Funds**
6/8" Full Hollow. Faceted spine & French tip.
Etching on the front side is deep and clean "E-Weck Best"
Tang stamped on the front side, Edward Weck Germany and 'Rigied Edge' on the back side.
Pivot is snug and blade centers perfectly. Scales are black plastic with white plastic wedge.
A few spots on the blade that I would expect to polish out.. no pitting or active rust and minimal if any spine wear.
Honed to Shapton Glass, 16k and most certainly shave ready to my standards.

Includes original box.
[Image: p176359569-4.jpg]

[Image: p530245716-4.jpg]

[Image: p147913638-5.jpg]

[Image: p296361132-4.jpg]

Rudy Vey- Custom Travel brush, TGN Two-Band Silvertip-$80

I worked with Rudy a few years ago to make this travel brush. Sadly, I stopped traveling, and simaltaneously became a boar whore.. so this brush sees no action.

Overall height 60mm and fits in a standard travel tube perfectly. Faux ivory handle that measures about 38mm. Knot is TGN Silvertip, set at 43mm.

[Image: p521292867-5.jpg]

[Image: p368062597-4.jpg]


Shaving Yeti, Yeti Snot,$4 **SOLD**
Super menthol blast. Used one time, and put back in the bag.

Mama Bears, Spellbound Woods, $8 **SOLD**
90% - 95%
Clean manly, woodsy scent and lathers like a mofo...

Czeck & Speik, No.88, $40 **SOLD**
Easily more than 98%.
Black wood bowl.

Take all three for $50

[Image: p262085279-4.jpg]

PenWorks Silvertip Badger-$30 **SOLD**
This was my first Silvertip brush. I am second owner.
Overall height, 104mm
24mm knot set at about 48mm.
Dense and luxurious.. a great brush. My heart is captured by blonde boar.
White balance on the photo is a little of.. there is a distinct pink hue to the handle. Really nice. My daughter is going to kill me if she finds out I am selling it...

[Image: p247493886-5.jpg]

Everite Safety Straight Razor-$100 each
Unique item.. for the collector or user. Everite Safety Straight Razor with Lifetime Soligen Blade. Manufactured by the Everite corporation of Detroit Mich.

The blade is a 6/8 half quarter hollow at 11/8 wide. It has a removable handle that screws into the blade in two configurations: from the side in a traditional straight razor fashion or from the bottom as a safety razor. Either configuration can be used with or without the blade guard which is removable for servicing the blade as well. The blade, handle and guard are stored in a white nylon case that also holds a hone and strop for maintaining the edge. The hone surface appears to be unused and still shows the Everite logo. The strop is equally pristine and appears to be unused.

The case, hone, strop and blade/handle fit in the original box with the manufactures instructions which are also in perfect condition without tears, folds or stains. Though I can't guarantee it, I believe this item to be NOS. I can't see any evidence of it having been honed or stropped and given the source and packaging when I took possession, I don't believe it to ever have been in circulation, let alone out of the box. There are some incidental spots on the blade which appear to be able to be polished out. The box is in amazing shape showing the slightest amount of wear on only the very corners and some scratches on the top.

Conceptually, this is similar to the Rolls Razor, though not nearly as over-engineered and able to be used in both straight and safety razor configuration, where the Rolls is safety razor config only.

Not shave ready.

An amazing piece. In my years of wet shaving and collecting, research has revealed only two of these, and only one was complete.. I was fortunate that my father was a collector and appraiser and had a case of these.. all NOS. So here are three to choose from.

[Image: p920440774-3.jpg]

[Image: p594314873-3.jpg]

[Image: p1046441643-3.jpg]

[Image: p622574824-3.jpg]

[Image: p631092009-3.jpg]

[Image: p788325341-3.jpg]

Stains here are on the hone and will likely come off with soap and water. I prefer to keep all of these as original.
[Image: p666256273-3.jpg]

[Image: p695243624-3.jpg]

Number Two:
[Image: p719001517-3.jpg]

[Image: p885788665-3.jpg]

[Image: p657491367-3.jpg]

[Image: p696704579-3.jpg]

[Image: p603846010-3.jpg]

[Image: p1065822830-3.jpg]

[Image: p679597238-3.jpg]

[Image: p623873636-3.jpg]

[Image: p986873334-3.jpg]

[Image: p768113894-3.jpg]

[Image: p853410702-3.jpg]

[Image: p867504455-3.jpg]

[Image: p749873028-3.jpg]

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PM sent on the Yeti Snot and Momma Bear soaps.

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Rudy Vey Travel brush and Everites remain

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