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[/color]Software sale, all prices include CONUS. PayPal only, please

First guy to PM me gets the Al's, DRH Stick, Wilkenson Tub, and the 2 Barclay Crocker's for $25

1. Jabons Me Soap- 4 types in 50 g containers (Granada, Sirocco, Galerna, and Sherwood). 2 test lathers on the Granada, the rest are new. Same as it cost me, $45 SOLD

2.Knize 10 Refill-New $35 SOLD

3.Cade refill-New $10 SOLD

4. Valobra stick-New $14 SOLD

5.DR Harris Marlborough - New $12 SOLD

6.T&H 1805 Cream Tube-New $16 SOLD

7.Al's Spice-3 test lathers $14

8.D'Anesse-190 g Artisanal French soap-New $35 SOLD

9.RazoRock Captain's Choice-1 test lather $10 SOLD

10.iColoniali Refill-New $16 SOLD

11.La Maison du Barber Artisanal Cream Tube-New $12 SOLD

12.Tade Laurel Artisanal French Soap-New $15 SOLD

13.DR Harris Almond Stick-New $12

Add On's
A.Haslinger's Ewe-New $9 SOLD
B.Bol A Savon Tub-3 test lathers $5 SOLD
C.Wilkenson Tub-New $5
D.Real Shaving Cream Tubes (2)-New $2 for both SOLD
E.William's Sensitive Cream Tube (France)-New $6 SOLD
F.Barclay Crocker Bay Rum ASB-New $5
G.Barclay Crocker Bay Rum Body Shampoo-New $5

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