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All prices include CONUS shipping. All of the cream in pots were scooped out for each use. None of them saw brush or water. Payment by Paypal.

Le Pere Lucien Intese Stainless Steel Bowl 100g SOLD!
Used 3x-$18 Shipped CONUS

D.R. Harris Almond Soap SOLD!
Almond Puck in a Screw Top Plastic Container 95% $14 CONUS

Speick Men Active Lot
Aftershave 80% Cream 80% $18 Shipped CONUS

Shaving Cream Lot SOLD!
$48 Shipped CONUS
NYSC Old St. Patrick's 4oz 90%
GFT Extract of Limes 200g pot 50%
TOBS Almond 5.3oz 40%
bozzano Sensitive 65g New
Top Secret 125g 50%
Musgo Real Orange Amber 3.4oz 45%
Musgo Real Spiced Citrus 3.4oz 45%
I Coloniali Rhubarb 3.6oz 65%
Cella 5.4oz 90%

Aftershave Balm Lot SOLD!
$37 Shipped CONUS
Crabtree & Evelyn Nomad Balm 3.4oz 55%
Pre de Provence 2.5oz 75%
Speick 3.4oz 75%
Proraso White 3.4oz 65%

Aftershave Splash Lot 1 SOLD!
$32 Shipped CONUS
Krampert's Finest 80 Below LE 19/20 4oz 50%
Fine America Blend 3.4oz 80%
Vitos Colonia Classica 120ml 95%
Vitos Colonia Mentolo 120ml 95%

Aftershave Splash Lot 2 SOLD!
$37 Shipped CONUS
Tabac 10.1oz 95%
Lucky Tiger Aspen 16oz 85%
Master Lord & Master 15oz 90%
Master Iceland Breeze 15oz 90%
Master Blue 15oz 95%
Pinaud Clubman Vanilla 6oz 75%
[Image: bcRYdYJ.jpg]
[Image: iYitH0H.jpg]
[Image: qBDAfHH.jpg]
[Image: mBER1N7.jpg]
[Image: fjFRNqt.jpg]
[Image: iBKqeui.jpg]
[Image: j6PPzj7.jpg]

All three aftershave lots are sold!

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Only the Speick Men Active Lot remains.

45 3,955
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