03-29-2014, 05:47 AM
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Hello Gentlemen
I have a lot of razors want to sell it because not in my daily usage used it only few times !

SOLD Feather AS-D1 All Stainless steel with original box and 5 blades Feather Price Drob 115$ (including shipping worldwide )

SOLD Muhle R 106 45$ (including shipping worldwide )
SOLD Merkur 47C 38$ (including shipping worldwide )

[Image: 4jMpBnu.jpg]
[Image: 8RrDPHj.jpg]
[Image: 2WDs12n.jpg]
[Image: 5kjS449.jpg]
[Image: 9ShDeQm.jpg]
[Image: F2wS4Iq.jpg]

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