03-29-2014, 05:06 PM
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So these are 2 Omega Boars brushes. The 10066 and the 50014 Travel Brush. Their is something unique about the 10066 however. The second time I used it the knot fell out so before I glued it back in I weighted the handle so it has a nice weight and feel to it, unlike the ultra light, hollow feel the brush has out of the box. The knot was epoxied back in with marine grade epoxy and has been used a few times since. Both brushes look brand new and if there are 10 uses between the 2 there are a lot. Im asking $15 shipped for the pair of them. MAKE THAT $12 SHIPPED! [Image: v7NKehp.jpg][Image: hgptxcS.jpg][Image: SrZC8zO.jpg][Image: fRT2NR2.jpg][Image: qItBjDE.jpg]

SOLD - Please Archive! Thanks to the Nook!

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 03-30-2014, 02:42 PM
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... archived! Congratulations to seller & buyer!

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