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I've collected more stuff than I can ever use, so I want to trade/sell a bunch of stuff. I'll consider more than one of my items for something I'm interested in or adding my cash or yours. Prices include CONUS shipping,international can contact me .

I'm looking for:
Got it - Petal Pusher Fancies shave soap – prefer Black Tea(would consider other PPFs)
HTGAM Synergy Shave Soap –Vanetiver scent
TABAC Aftershave Balsam(balm)
A lather-catcher razor that I don't have
An interesting bakelite razor
One of the “Neo”-typeGerman razors (Neo-Gam, Neo-Ras, Neo-Lux, etc.)
Green plastic art-deco GEMrazor case(like this: http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthr...ight-2-brushes)
Case for GEM Damaskeene(says GEM Damaskeene on inside of lid of razor case)
Black/Red Ever-Ready or other vintage brush

Things I have for trade/sell:

[Image: p0te96d.jpg]

White shaving mug – no brand - Trades Only
“Plane, Train, Ship” shave mug – there are some cracks on the inside bottom of the mug that don't go all the way through so there's no leakage. These may be better described as “crazing” than cracks? Also a crack where the handle connects to the top of the mug but doesn't go all the way through so it doesn't seem to weaken it. Initials KCI on the bottom, I don't know if it's a brand? Cool old shaving mug. $11.00
SOLD Old Spice “Early Glass Mug 01” - the first of the glass Old Spice mugs probably made in around 1948... you can tell it's the earliest model as it doesn't have the “ribs” on the inside bottom of the mug. Has the “Ship Friendship” on it. These aren't cheap to ship, so $18 shipped.
Old Spice coffee mug - these are often mis-marketed as shaving mugs, but they're coffee mugs. $12.00

[Image: 03zKI86.jpg]

These four shave soaps in the back row are inexpensive enough that I'll only use them as part of atrade or as add-ons.
First two are Williams shave soaps, new and unused – These can be part of a trade or I'll add them on to another sale or trade for $1.25 each.
Next two are VanDerHagen (VDH) Deluxe shave soaps – These can be part of a trade or I'll add them on to another sale or trade for $1.25 each.
Remington Shaving Powder Stick for electric shaving – looks vintage to me - $3.00
This is a vintage 1970s Avon bar soap (not shave soap) commemorating the 1913 Buffalo Head/Indian Head nickle. Neat collectible, no longer being made. $9.00

[Image: KnY3Fl4.jpg]

Bottom left to right -
sample of St. Charles' Shave Refined soap - for trades
SOLD De Ver Gulde Hand shave soap from Holland- 98% left great stuff - $7.50
Unscented (soap scent) unbranded shave soap 98% great performing soap– reminds me of the performance of unscented Italian type soaps $5.00
Unbranded wooden handled boar brush in original package $4.00
SOLD Proraso Sandalwood soap 95% $9.00
Stetson bath soap NOS the large 5 oz bar no longer made $8.00
Rare JB Watkins tallow vintage shave soap unused in original box $15.00
Arko Cool Shave Cream guessing 90% $5.00
RazoRock Zi Peppino shave soap I'm guessing 40% remaining $5.00

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 04-02-2014, 02:19 PM
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The De Vergulde Hand soap and the Old Spice “Early Glass Mug 01" are sold.

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 04-04-2014, 09:09 AM
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One of the Stetson soaps are sold... I have one more

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 04-04-2014, 10:06 AM
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PM sent for Proraso Sandalwood soap 95% $9.00.

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 04-06-2014, 03:17 PM
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Proraso Sandalwood soap sold

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 04-08-2014, 07:26 PM
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Will include Arko or Razorock with any other purchase for $2.00 for either one.

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 04-11-2014, 10:40 AM
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