04-07-2014, 07:48 PM
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Hi everyone.

I haven't had a game console in a long while and SWMBO has given me the go ahead to pick one up with a money limit. As a result, I need to either trade for or later sell some stuff in order to pick up a PS3.

Before anyone suggests I wait to get a new PS4 or something, I don't have the funds for it. I've seen PS3s (slim and super slim models) go on the bay for between 175-225 and some including games. I don't anticipate spending a lot of time on it so I'm not looking for the latest and greatest. Even though I can check out reviews on ebay and it's relatively safe to pick one up through there, I'd rather take my shot here first with folks here on the Nook. Ideally I'd like to spend less than 150 on it and have something in trade value for the remainder. The less I can spend on it the better.

I'm looking for the PS3, preferably the super slim version (size does not matter but I'd take the 250gb). I'd consider the slim versions as well but that's about as old as I'll get. One controller is fine and a game or two thrown in would be cool to get me going (no preference). And it goes without really saying that I'm hoping for honesty on your end and that the unit is in good to excellent condition and in working order.

I won't offer up specific products but I've listed some products in my den that are up for grabs:

Feather RG non-folding $65
Feather RG folding $65
Vintage Gillettes (Red-tip, Sheraton, Fatboy, Aristocrat #15, TV superspeed, Senator)
Progress $55
37C Slant, $45 with a case
Iridium Supers (originals), $125 for 250 blades
M&F 2XL Finest $250
Santa Maria Novella (old formula) NIB, $70
P160 (tub) New
GFT Eucris soap in glass dish,
MdC unscented New
GFT Coconut refill
AOS tallow (sandalwood, lemon, unscented)
Floris no 89 soap in wood bowl
DR Harris Arlington in bowl,
Pens EF (not new formula, non-tallow)
GFT Almond in wood bowl

I'm happy to send details on each product and pictures as well if needed. Thanks for taking the time.

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 04-09-2014, 05:46 PM
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I've updated the post with items I'm willing to sell with prices shipped CONUS only. If you are interested in any of them, I'm happy to provide more details on condition and send pics if needed.

Other products are up for grabs but only if you're interested in multiple items. Let me know and I will make sure to post prices on items that have sold, so as to stay consistent with BST rules.

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