04-10-2014, 02:36 PM
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Time to pare down! Feel free to ask any questions.

[Image: IMG_2944_zps6ed0f29c.jpg]

SOAP LOT - $75 shipped in conus NOW $65 FOR THE LOT!
Shaving Yeti Columbian Necktie in nice tub - used 2x
3 new Shaving Yeti samples - Dreamsicle, Morning Wood and Shore Leave
Napa Soap in ceramic mug - used a handful of times. these are $34 new
Straight Razors Ylang Ylang - used 2-3 x
Mystic Waters Marakesh Shave stick - 2/3 left
Razorock XX - used 2-3 x
Cella in red tub - used 2-3 x
new sample of Mikes Bay Rum
Haslinger Schafmilch NOT INCLUDED
Dorco stick partially used
Coates Rose - about 1/2 left
Shaving Club Grim Blades Smolder - used once
2 new Stirling soap samples

[Image: IMG_2945_zps3b17655f.jpg]
BRUSH LOT - everything but the simpson and the sue moore- $35 shipped! NOW $30 SHIPPED FOR THE LOT!
Stirling boar brush - new
Stirling badger brush - new
B&B Sue Moore - used once $27 SOLD!
Omega 10083 - new
Omega 10077 in green - new
Omega 10077 in red - new
Simpson Colonel X2L- SOLD for $50

[Image: IMG_2946_zpsd8bf6223.jpg] [Image: IMG_2947_zps4f4be259.jpg]

Super Speed Black Handle with lazy doors
Gem Micromatic Clogpruf
Gem Micromatic
Sheffield Wade and Butcher straight razor - I picked this up as part of a large lot. The person I got it from said the end of the blade broke off but was professionally repaired and sharpened. I know nothing about straights.

ATT H1 plate - $50 shipped - I can take a pic if necessary SOLD!

[Image: IMG_2949_zpsea4d6fcb.jpg]

I have a lot of GSB's! My favorite blade.
50 blades - $15 shipped NOW $14
100 blades - $25 shipped NOW $23
If you want more or less, let me know.

[Image: IMG_2948_zps755acf57.jpg]

new blade bank TAKEN
new brush holder - TAKEN
beat up case for gillette ss TAKEN

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 04-11-2014, 07:37 AM
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Price drops! Pay in the next hour and it gets shipped today!

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 04-12-2014, 01:43 PM
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still have some nice stuff left!

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