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All straight razors are sold

Gillette Aristocrat 22 (1949) Patent Pending, Rhodium plated, 73g, Made in England

The box has seen better days, outside is good, inside is worn. Razor is in excellent condition and by the looks of it has been used very little if at all. Trade for a nice straight razor (if no trade comes up I might put it up for sale at a later date)
[Image: gillette-aristocrat-22-002819490029-b.jpg]
[Image: gillette-aristocrat-22-002819490029-c.jpg]
[Image: gillette-aristocrat-22-002819490029-d.jpg]
[Image: gillette-aristocrat-22-002819490029-e.jpg]
[Image: gillette-aristocrat-22-002819490029-g.jpg]
[Image: gillette-aristocrat-22-002819490029-h.jpg]

All straight razors are sold
All are shave ready, postage and paypal fees included (if you want signed for +$5)

H.S.M. 26 Solingen 13/16" $42 SOLD
[Image: h.s.m.-26-solingen-13003a160022-a.jpg]
[Image: h.s.m.-26-solingen-13003a160022-b.jpg]
[Image: h.s.m.-26-solingen-13003a160022-c.jpg]

Bartmann High Class 270 Manganese Steel 7/8" $73 SOLD
[Image: bartmann-high-class-270-manganese-steel-...0022-a.jpg]
[Image: bartmann-high-class-270-manganese-steel-...0022-b.jpg]
[Image: bartmann-high-class-270-manganese-steel-...0022-d.jpg]

Roma Solingen best silver steel 6/8" $42 (needs a bit of guidance when closing) SOLD
[Image: p1030194.jpg]
[Image: p1030195.jpg]

Reno Solingen Sheffield Steel - Kaiser Ellison & Co 6/8” $32 SOLD
[Image: reno-solingen-sheffield-steel---kaiser-e...0022-b.jpg]
[Image: reno-solingen-sheffield-steel---kaiser-e...0022-c.jpg]

Colibri 50 Forgé & évidé a Solingen 5/8” $21 SOLD
[Image: straight-razor---colibri-50---5003a80022-a1.jpg]
[Image: straight-razor---colibri-50---5003a80022-a2.jpg]

H. Paashaas Garantie Solingen 11/16" $32 SOLD
[Image: h.-paashaas-garantie-solingen-11003a160022-b.jpg]
[Image: h.-paashaas-garantie-solingen-11003a160022-c.jpg]

Charlex 60 Forgé & évidé a Solingen 5/8” $32 SOLD
[Image: straight-razor---charlex-60---5003a80022-a2.jpg]
[Image: straight-razor---charlex-60---5003a80022-a3.jpg]

Roma Solingen best silver steel 6/8” $42 SOLD
[Image: roma-solingen-best-silver-steel-6003a80022-b.jpg]
[Image: roma-solingen-best-silver-steel-6003a80022-c.jpg]

Wilhelm Mandt Solingen 11/16" $42 SOLD
[Image: wilhelm-mandt-solingen-11003a160022-b.jpg]
[Image: wilhelm-mandt-solingen-11003a160022-c.jpg]

Okesa 204 Germany 6/8” $42 SOLD
[Image: straight-razor---okesa-204-germany-6003a80022-a2.jpg]
[Image: straight-razor---okesa-204-germany-6003a80022-a3.jpg]

Thanks for looking, have a nice Easter weekend all!

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