04-18-2014, 02:51 PM
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Happy Easter Gentlefolks!

I had a question about brushes; specifically about the size of various brushes. In my den I have a 24mm VB 2-Band, a Vie Long (VL) horse hair and VL badger.

Of these brushes, I prefer the VL horse hair (but it's a shedder so it's life will be short lived) and then the VL badger. I'm approaching this not from the actual material used, but the size of the knots. I believe the VL horse hair is a 21mm knot, 65/35 mane/tail with a loft of between 53mm and 55mm. The badger is, to my knowledge 23mm, with a loft of 50mm.

I prefer the VLs because they seem to keep their shape while lathering, so when i'm facelathering they don't splay outwards. I find them more nimble to use compared to the 2-band badgers in my den. I seemingly have a small face, I went with the 24mm VB brush based on online recommendations but it's simply too large I find. When lathering with it, I get lather up my nostrils or on my earlobes.

My question is this; is this nimbleness a result of the loft (higher loft), stiffer bristle material or smaller knot size?

I'm looking for a another brush to replace my VL horse hair once it goes bald; or re-knot the handle with a better knot.

Your advice is much appreciated!

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 04-18-2014, 07:59 PM
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The VL horse brush that I have (Vie-Long 1307B 50% mane/50% tail, 23x53mm (as measured) unbleached blond, olivewood handle) doesn't splay much either. I attribute it to the fibers. But more loft would allow it to splay more.

Omega boars act similarly, as do most of the synthetics. But the horse IMO, splays the least of them all.

FWIW, I have no idea how many shaves I have on this VL brush, and it is getting just a hair softer and splays a bit more than it did after I first got it from the b/s/t.

Typically brushes that splay less have shorter lofts and smaller diameters, of course there are exceptions. But increase those and again, generally, the brush is "bigger" on the face. Of course the fiber used makes a difference too. Probably badger has the most splay of all the fibers. How deeply the knot is set in the handle has an effect also.

Edit: OK, so how can you predict how much splay a brush will have? It's experience. So if you need to, ask. Explain what you like and what you expect from it when you do ask.

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