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I just looked into Google Wallet and like what they offer as a alternate payment service to Paypal. It's similar to paypal in many ways. You can make online purchases, in store purchases via a Google Wallet Card, send and receive money with other users, and withdraw money into your bank account. The big draw back is there doesn't look to be protection for a transaction like there is with Paypal. I think it's meant more for sending money to friends and family. There is no fee if you send money using your bank account instead of a debit or credit card. The biggest appeal to me is the transfer limit which is $50,000 per five days. I could never come close to that limit, but the Paypal transfer limit of $500 per month is not enough. If I wanted to have a large sale to raise funds the Paypal limit would be a problem.

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 04-23-2014, 09:35 PM
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I use both Google Wallet and Paypal and while there are differences they are also very similar in nature.

Just to clarify on some of your point about Paypal
a) Paypal also offers a physical card (Mastercard) that you can use to pay with using your credit balance, etc in your paypal account at any store

b) When sending money through Paypal you also don't pay a fee if you identify the transaction as 'to a friend' and not as a payment,

c) I believe (but will have to check) that the transfer limit of $500/month is raised if you verify your account. Also, if the amount/credit is in your own account you can transfer it to your bank or even have them cut you a check for any amount.

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