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I just completed another sweep of the drawers and cabinets and have come up with some items that need a new home. Pricing includes paypal fees (only payment accepted, if you don't have an account I can send you and invoice to pay with credit card) and US shipping. International buyers feel free to get in touch for a shipping price. Lots will not be broken up at this time and offers and trades aren't necessary. Additional photos can be found at dropbox here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/lh992qrpl11dsaj/U8QWaRgNGv

First up is a twice used pot of original Acqua di Parma Colonia shaving cream/soap. $70 SOLD SOLD SOLD

Vie-Long Beehive brush custom fitted with Virginia Sheng Silvertip knot. The measurements are 27x52mm and it is very dense with strong backbone and soft tips, very scrubby (too much for me). The brush is still wet in these photos from its final cleaning after use this morning. $50 SOLD SOLD SOLD

Made-Rite 750 Butterscotch brush with Frank Shaving "Manchurian" knot. This is another scrubby brush measuring 22x46mm. I restored this brush to be used for bowl lathering but it is quite at home face lathering as well. $35 SOLD SOLD SOLD

Shave brush lot consisting of:
Frank's Shaving Finest ebony wood handled brush 21x55
Rubberset 400N Nylon 19x45
Rubberset Two-tone Boar brush 23x55
NOS Vintage Great Wall travel badger brush in tube 18x53
All brushes are in excellent condition and have zero issues. I just have way too many brushes and these were the low hanging fruit. $30 SOLD SOLD SOLD

Software lot consisting of (very conservative estimates):
Mike's Coconut 75%
Mike's Hungarian Lavender 50%
TOBS Avocado 75%
TOBS Lemon & Lime 20%
QCS Fougere Cream 50%
3 NOS Vintage shaving soaps unknown brand with bowl
KMF Pomegranate Grapefruit 85%
Biotique Biopalmera 95%
RazorRock Lime Pre-Shave Oil 80%
There is nothing wrong with any of these creams/soaps, all perform wonderfully (the vintage soap is very dry and needs lots of loading or soaking to lather up). $60 SOLD SOLD SOLD

New software lot consisting of:
Trumper Coconut Cream new
Trumper Limes Cream new
Castle Forbes Lavender Cream new
I don't really care if this lot doesn't sell... $75 SOLD SOLD SOLD

Aftershave and Cologne lot consisting of:
Vintage Avon Deep Woods 75%
Vintage Avon Brisk Spice (Shulton Old Spice clone) 60%
Vintage Avon Bravo 85%
Sah Zefros splash new
Figaro splash new
Nivea Sensitive ASB new
Aveda Men ASB 95%
Thayer's Unscented Witch Hazel w/ Aloe Vera 90%
Capucci Pour Homme 95%
Realm Man 95%
Quorum 90%
Krizia Uomo 98%
Animale Temptation 95%
All these fragrances are still good, no skunks. $60 ONE TIME REDUCTION TO $50
[Image: KoTtqVA.jpg]

Thanks for reading this far, if you buy anything over $60 add one of these items for free, one per person please. (no pic)
Captain's Choice Lime A/S sample
Captain's Choice Bay Rum sample
Open Comb/ Safety Bar combo dual blade Russian safety razor
Art of Shaving Sandalwood or Lavender 1 oz tube

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Holy Cow! That's a ton of stuff at great prices... someone needs to snatch this stuff up!

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 04-26-2014, 06:41 AM
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AdP is available again, buyer never paid

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Got a couple of nibbles on the AdP which I'm sure will be gone by tomorrow.

The fragrance/after shave lot is still available and is an awesome way to try a wide variety of scents from citrus to woody to fougere, from classic to modern as well as both splashes and balms for less than $5 a bottle. These will be heading to the international auction site soon if unsold.

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 04-30-2014, 07:44 AM
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AdP sold, Fragrance lot reduced once before going to the auction site this weekend.

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