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If you wanted JUST ONE brush to dedicate to hard soaps, and wanted the best of all worlds (quick loading from puck, good flow-through, soft on the face, etc)… what combination of specs WOULD YOU look for?
special grade (2-band, etc)?

(If you have a specific brush in mind, that's awesome! Just no $600 Plissons or whatever Wink)

… Say up to $350 if really necessary.

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 04-27-2014, 11:44 PM
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Hi Matt -

In my experience, any brush works effectively with hard soaps. I have used silvertip, pure badger, and boar brushes with hard soaps, and none has shown me a decided advantage over the others. The issue is whether you face-lather or lather in a bowl.

I lather in a bowl, so I want a brush that is fan-shaped, has some flex in the loft, and isn't very dense for optimal flow-through and lathering efficiency. I prefer smaller brushes, so I like a knot of 22mm or less and a loft of approximately 55mm for the desired flex.

If you are face-lathering, you would want a stiffer, shorter loft to hold up to circular lathering motions against the face. In this case, lofts under 50mm seem to be popular. A brush can be made stiffer by more densely packing finer badger hair into the knot or by using stiffer two-banded badger hair. A less-dense knot of two-banded badger will have better flow-through than a dense knot of finer silvertip. Boar brushes tend to have more backbone to start with, though again, a shorter loft and denser knot are often desired.

Preference of a small, medium, or large brush is an individual matter.

Hope this helps.

- Murray

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 04-28-2014, 03:39 AM
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As my journey thru shaving grew, I went from bowl to face lathering. Face lathring seems to work best for me, with an odd scuttle use in the dead of winter. My brush journey is similar-lots of badgers to start.

There are 2 options recommended for you - a boar and a badger.

The boar would be the low cost and highly effective Omega Pro 48. Big and soft, effective with all lathering, and a great counter to a badger

My badger recommendation is QED's Savile Row 3120 silver tip in a 20 mm knot at 50 mm loft. This brush will always have a place in my rotation-it works so well that my other badgers went to BST. It's the combination of density and size. Some of the others were Chubby and uber dense (limiting flow thru), too floppy, or too scratchy. This one hits the sweet spot (and it's <$100)

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 04-28-2014, 05:00 AM
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$55 Plisson Synthetic. Makes the best quality lather in no time even in my very hard water. Feel free to send the remaining $250-300 to me for ending your BAD. Tongue

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 04-28-2014, 05:25 AM
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IMO, at this time I'd have to say the Vie-Long Lord Randal in Silvertip. It is such a well-balanced brush that, for me, is as close to the "best of all worlds" as I can think of. It tackles soaps without effort, excellent flow, very soft tips for a great face feel, knot size is exactly where it needs to be, and the handle is perfect. It has very quickly become a favorite and I know it's not just the "new" factor.

My second recommendation would be a Shavemac D01 3 band... Something along the lines of 23x52.

Good luck in your search Biggrin

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 04-28-2014, 05:45 AM
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I face lather almost exclusively using cold water. Any of the boar or badger brushes I have will lather well any of my hard soaps like MWF.

The suggestion of going with a synthetic and save some coin too is a good one. Both my Muhle XL and Simpsons Chubby2 synthetics work very well and are soft on the face and give up lather easily. Currently my preference is for the Simpsons.

If I had to go badger and spend the extra coin it would be for the Simpsons QEII Jubilee again. The one I have is soft on the face with enough backbone to get the job done nicely and gives up lather easily too. It is not a big brush and is fan shaped. Just a sweet brush.


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 05-03-2014, 08:02 AM
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Get a 26mm finest 2 band from TGN ($26.95 + shipping), a $6 handle from Whipped Dog and set the knot @ 48mm loft and you will be able to face lather and bowl lather. It will have good flow, good backbone, soft tips and won't have too large of a footprint. Then, go up or down from there. Cost would be less than $40 and you'll have a better brush than 75% of the higher priced offerings. The other 25% is what gets you----Good luck...

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 05-04-2014, 11:55 PM
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Thanks everybody… I've been listening. I just always have more questions than I feel like typing, so I give up. But I appreciate your inputs.
There are just so many options!

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 05-05-2014, 02:39 AM
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I'll throw in my two cents. I think that vpayne got it right. I might recommend a 24mm knot instead of the 26, but otherwise that brush should take you a long ways in your journey and possibly save you a good deal of money to boot.

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