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Morris and Forndran 2 Band Blonde 3/2


Handle height: 60mm
Knot: 24 x 54mm

Ok, I admit this is probably not the most exciting selection I could have made from my M&F collection. But rather than wow you with one of the more unique handled M&F brushes from my collection, I decided it was prudent to showcase the M&F's performance rather than it's aesthetics. Hence, I present the 3/2, a style and size that many will be familiar with and subsequently be able to draw comparisons from.


A quick dip in warm, just long enough to snap a pic. (Badger was chosen as a shaving brush material for it's water holding properties, IMO there's no need to drown the brush for any prolonged soak time.)


I chose another frequently used product, Cella (the hard soap, not the soft one from the red tub) and I chosen to bowl lathering, which the height and shape of the handle lends itself to doing. For anyone interested I'm using a small porcelain bowl from Muhle. I usually employ a generous amount of product to make my lather, but in an effort to illustrate how well the 2 band blonde badger performs I made the conscious decision to under load the brush (as illustrated in my pic). I did not pre-moisten the surface of the hard Cella soap and I simply brushed the M&F lightly back and forwards across the soap for somewhere between 10 and 20 seconds.


And in no time... Lather!


And in bloom.


This brush contains the 2 band blonde badger on offer from Lee last year.
The tips are soft (not quite as soft as the old Rooney Heritage XL "gel-like tips, but more like Thater, although again perhaps just not quite as soft.
There is a hint of scritch, definitely no scratch, so just the suggestion of sensation on the face and definitely more than my Thaters.
Abundant backbone, but a nice amount of splay encouraging flow through.
It's dense, but no where near a Chubby.
The handle was convenient to bowl lathering and 54mm loft lent itself to face painting,
but it certainly didn't feel like a mop as some Kents are known to do.
As I mentioned earlier this brush is not my most exciting, but it's performance certainly shines!

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 05-11-2012, 01:52 AM
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Excellent review for what seems to be an outstanding shaving brush indeed! Thank you for sharing it with us!

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 05-11-2012, 02:20 AM
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Very interesting review. Congrats.

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