05-04-2014, 06:01 AM
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Ok folks, it's den reduction time and I have two items here that have never been used. Here are the prices on all the items US shipping only:

Price reduction -
The only items that are left are the G8 injector and the EJ DE 89. Will sell both for $30 shipped.

SOLD. Truefitt & Hill Moonjava brush made by Rooney - Best Badger, never used but I did shampoo it. $70 brush but I will take $45 shipped.

SOLD Edwin Jagger Medium Synthetic brush purchased from Bullgoose - Unused but I did shampoo it. Paid $54 but will take $30 shipped

Shick G-8 injector Razor with personna blades. I think there are 8 blades left. Excellent condition. Will take $20 shipped for it.

Edwin Jagger DE89 in excellent condition. Will take $25 shipped for it. If anyone wants to buy the entire lot I'll sell for $110 shipped.
[Image: sL2fdr1.jpg]
[Image: q5cPh4y.jpg]
[Image: qvNUgIp.jpg]
[Image: MbV8fQd.jpg]
[Image: hSwYEI6.jpg]
[Image: 1iMAVuy.jpg]
[Image: adsiDaU.jpg]
[Image: ELxik8s.jpg]
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